How to Set Caller ID Number on Skype for iPhone

Enabling caller ID on your calls can be very helpful in determining whether you’ll answer it or not. It allows you to know who is calling before lifting up your phone. In this post, you’ll learn how to set caller ID number on Skype for your iPhone. 

If you want your friends, family and business contacts on Skype to know that it is you who is calling or sending them messages, activating caller identification should help. Enabling caller ID numbers for Skype on your iPhone will display your mobile number or Skype number when you call mobiles and landlines from your Skype app. 

Right now, not all countries support caller ID using mobile numbers. Same goes with Skype number. Caller identification using Skype number is available in USA, UK, Brazil, Chile, Denmark, Estonia, Poland, Sweden and Switzerland. If the caller identification is not working on your device, there’s a big possibility that your country is not supported for both mobile and Skype numbers. 

Availability of Skype caller identification is also dependent on your local telecommunications provider. Activation of Skype caller ID is immediate, while it could take for up to 24 hours for mobile numbers to be activated. This feature is free to set up and use.

If you want to know how to set caller ID number on Skype for your iPhone, read further and find out how. 

How to Set your Caller ID Number for Skype on your iPhone

Estimate Cost : 00

Time Needed : 05 minutes

Here are the steps to set up your Skype caller identification:

  1. Open Skype and access your profile.

    Just tap the profile picture at the upper center of the home screen.

    set caller id number

  2. Access Settings.

    This is found at the lower portion of your profile page.

    skype caller id settings

  3. Select Calling.

    You can find it below the Appearance option.

    skype caller id calling

  4. Tap on Caller ID.

    This is under calling settings.

    skype caller id calling settings

  5. Enter your Caller ID and click Save.

    Use the phone number that you want to be displayed when calling or sending SMS from Skype.

    skype caller id enter number

  6. Enter code and select Continue.

    A code will be sent as an SMS to your entered phone number. After verifying, your caller ID should be activated.

    skype caller id activated

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