How to Save Text, Image, and Link from a Webpage in iPhone Safari

Browsing on a webpage could allow you to explore information and discover new things using your iPhone’s native browser, Safari. If you’re doing some research or just seeing what’s going on around the world, using iPhone’s Safari could be of great help. Let us check on how to save text, image, and link from a webpage in iPhone Safari as you read further. 

Whenever we want to search for something over the web, we’ll most likely open a web browser. iPhone Safari can be of great help to those who want to check some information, do some research or open a social media site. While doing these stuff, you might see some text, image or link that you want to save. 

Find out how  you can possibly save text, image, and link from a webpage while using Safari web browser on your iPhone by reading the details below. 

Save Texts, Images or Links from the Webpage on Safari using iPhone

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Time Needed : 05 minutes

Here are the steps on how you can save texts, images or links from the webpage on your iPhone’s Safari web browser:

  1. Launch your Safari browser and open the webpage of your choice.

    Just tap the compass icon on your home screen.

    save text, image safari iphone

  2. To save texts, tap and hold on the text that you want to save.

    You should see options like copy, look up or share. Select copy the highlighted text. You can also move the cursor if you want to copy a longer text on that webpage. You may paste these copied texts on your notes to save it. 

    safari iphone highlight text

  3. To save an image, open a webpage that contains the image that you want to save.

    You can do that by typing at the Safari browser.

    safari iphone image

  4. Tap and hold the image that you want to save.

    You should see different options on your screen.

    safari browser image options

  5. Tap on Save image.

    This will save the image on your iPhone’s gallery albums.

    safari browser save image

  6. To save a link from the webpage, tap and hold on the link that you want to save.

    Links on the webpage are indicated by blue characters.

    safari browser links

  7. From the options, choose Add to Reading list.

    You can also select the Copy option and paste it on a new tab to access the website directly.

    safari browser save links

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When saving information such as texts, images, or links from a webpage, you can take advantage of the Notes application on your iPhone. In this way, you can organize the saved information and access them efficiently if you need to. You can also download third-party applications through the App Store that would allow you to save these kinds of information on your device. 

Saving texts, images or links can also be useful as you can use them for future references. I hope that this article has provided you the necessary information on how to save text, image, and link from a webpage while using the Safari browser on your iPhone. If so, don’t forget to share this with your friends or colleagues who also want to know the same thing. 

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