How to Save Instagram Photos on iPhone

Keeping photos on your iPhone should let you reminisce about those special memories in the future. If you’re posting pictures on your social media accounts like Instagram, it is better to save those photos for backup purposes. Find out how you can save Instagram photos to your iPhone by reading the contents of this article. 

Our phone let us save those picture perfect/precious moments and view them later or whenever we want to. Instagram has provided a great way for photo enthusiasts to post their pictures on their account with special filters. This platform has greatly improved since it was launched as a simple photo-editing app. 

From a simple photo-editing application, Instagram has managed to compile useful features and introduced them to its users. These features, together with the platform’s intuitiveness, have allowed Instagram to soar and dominate as one of the most used social media apps these days. It is also being used as a platform to advertise different products and has been used by a lot of celebrities to expand their field of audiences. 

If you’re a normal person who loves to edit pictures and post them on social media, you should try downloading Instagram. You can take pictures directly from the app and post it on your profile. You can even save these photos on your iPhone and access it in your phone’s gallery. 

If you want to know how to save Instagram photos on your iPhone, just follow the procedures that are written below.

How to Save your Photos on Instagram to your iPhone

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Time Needed : 05 minutes

Here are the steps on how you can save Instagram pictures on your iPhone:

  1. Open your Instagram app and go to your profile.

    Just tap the profile icon found at the lower right of your Instagram home screen.

    save instagram photos

  2. Go to Settings.

    Tap the three lines found at the upper right of your profile page.

    instagram photos settings go

  3. Select Account.

    This option is located below Payments on Settings.

    instagram photos account

  4. Tap on Original Posts.

    This is located under Cellular Data Use.

    instagram photos original posts

  5. Toggle Save Posted Photos option.

    If it has not been enabled, tap the toggle option to activate the feature and save your photos that are posted on your Instagram account to your iPhone. 

    instagram photos save to iphone

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You may also save original photos aside from those edited ones on your iPhone. Just tap the toggle beside Save Original Posts option. You can also save videos by tapping the toggle beside Save Posted Videos option. I hope that this article has provided you some useful information. 

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