Samsung Galaxy S23 Reset Network Settings: Restoring Network Defaults

Resetting network settings resets all network settings on your smartphone, including Wi-Fi, mobile data, Bluetooth, VPN settings and other relevant information. This reset often helps in resolving various types of connectivity issues in early and later Android devices. That said, you can also use this reset dealing with random network connection problems on your new Samsung smartphone.

In this tutorial, we will walk you through the process of resetting network settings on the latest Samsung Galaxy S23 handset.

Steps to Reset Network Settings on Galaxy S23

Unlike a factory reset, resetting network settings does not affect any saved information from the internal storage of your phone. That said, you won’t lose any important data even without backing them up.

Estimate Cost : 0

Time Needed : 3 minutes

But you have remember that this reset deletes all your current network configurations including saved Wi-Fi networks and passwords. That said, take note of your Wi-Fi network credentials as you will be re-entering them afterwards.
Once you’ve got everything set, you may go ahead and carry out a network settings reset on your Galaxy 23 with these steps:

  1. Step 1: To begin, navigate to the Home screen on your Samsung Galaxy S23 and then tap on the Settings icon that’s represented by a gear figure. 

    If you don’t see the Settings icon from the Home screen, then you can launch it through the Apps tray or quick settings panel.

  2. Step 2: Once you’re in the Settings app’s screen, scroll to find General management from the given items and then tap on it to continue. 

    Another set of options will load up on the next window. These options are generally used to manage the phone’s built-in features and system services.

  3. Step 3: To continue, scroll to find and then tap on Reset. 

    Doing so will load up all available reset options on the next menu.

  4. Step 4: Select Reset network settings from the given options to proceed. 

    Another window opens with more details about the reset network settings command.

  5. Step 5: Read and review the message and then tap Reset network settings to confirm.

    If you’ve set up a system lock, you will be asked to enter the correct lock method such as a PIN, pattern or password to confirm and authorize action.

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  • Samsung Galaxy S23

After entering the correct unlock method, your Samsung Galaxy S23 will promptly instigate a network settings reset. 

To ensure that the reset is successful, do not use your device while the reset is ongoing. Once the reset is finished, the phone reboots on its own and then loads up with the default network settings and options.

What Happens After Resetting the Network Settings?

Resetting network settings on your Samsung Galaxy S23 will erase all the previous network settings, including Wi-Fi networks and passwords, mobile data settings, and VPN settings. After resetting the network settings, you will need to reconfigure these settings to use them like the first time.

Common Issues that can be fixed by resetting network settings

Resetting network settings is a simple yet effective solution for a variety of smartphone problems. Here are some common issues that can be resolved by resetting network settings:

1. Wi-Fi connectivity issues. If you are experiencing issues connecting to Wi-Fi networks, resetting network settings can help resolve the problem.

2. Mobile data issues. If you are having trouble with your mobile data connection, resetting network settings can often resolve the issue.

3. VPN problems. If you are having trouble connecting to a VPN, resetting network settings can help resolve the issue.

4. Slow internet connection. A slow internet connection can be due to various factors, including network settings. Resetting network settings can help speed up your internet connection.

5. Bluetooth connectivity issues. If you are having trouble connecting to Bluetooth devices, resetting network settings can often resolve the issue.

6. Network errors. If you are receiving network errors or messages, resetting network settings can often resolve the issue.

7. Slow performance. If your smartphone is running slow, resetting network settings can help improve performance by freeing up system resources used by the network.

Will resetting network settings fix all connectivity issues?

Resetting network settings can often resolve a variety of connectivity issues, such as slow internet, Wi-Fi connectivity problems, and mobile data issues. However, it may not fix all connectivity issues and you may need to try other troubleshooting steps depending on the underlying cause and transpiring symptoms.

Hope this helps!

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