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Samsung Galaxy S10e

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Home screen, Display & Notifications

  • Not receiving text messages
  • Can't send or receive picture messages
  • Messages displayed in the wrong order
  • How to block text messages

Settings, Maintenance & Security

Screen Time & Family Sharing

  • How to factory reset your Samsung Galaxy S10e
  • How to Master Reset or Hard Reset Samsung Galaxy S10e
  • How to enable or disable Safe Mode on Samsung Galaxy S10e
  • How to replace Samsung Galaxy S10 wireless charger / NFC pad
  • How to fix Galaxy S10 that won't turn on
  • What to do if your Samsung Galaxy S10 is overheating?
  • What to do if your Samsung Galaxy S10 has a virus infection popup?
  • Fast charging feature no longer works on Samsung Galaxy S10
  • How to get rid of Samsung Galaxy S10’s random freezes
  • How to replace Samsung Galaxy S10 battery
  • How to replace Samsung Galaxy S10 loudspeaker module
  • How to fix not charging issue
  • How to perform a backup & restore
  • How to perform a hard reset
  • How to configure APN settings
  • How to enable USB debugging
  • How to activate developer mode
  • How to hide number from outgoing calls
  • How to fix screen flickering issue

Recent Guides

Twitter keeps crashing on Samsung Galaxy S10e

By Harold | 24 May 2019

If a popular applications like Twitter keeps crashing on a high-end smartphone like the Samsung Galaxy S10e, it’s probably just an issue with the app itself. However, it’s also possible that the app crashes as a result of a firmware problem. I personally encountered similar problems in the past that were caused by app and

What to do with your Samsung Galaxy S10e with screen flickering issue

By Harold | 26 April 2019

Some owners of the new Samsung Galaxy S10e reported that their phones have the screen flickering issue wherein the display seems to go dark for a split-second and then goes back to normal. While it happens so fast, it’s very noticeable. It doesn’t affect the overall performance of the phone but if you’re one of

How to fix Samsung Galaxy S10e with Gallery has stopped error

By Harold | 19 April 2019

The error message “Unfortunately, Gallery has stopped” that seems to be bothering some owners of the Samsung Galaxy S10e simply means that the default pictures and videos manager called Gallery has crashed for some reason. Most of the time, this is just a very minor issue involving the app itself but it’s also possible that

Fix for Samsung Galaxy S10e that started running slow

By Harold | 19 April 2019

Performance issues are often attributed to firmware problems. When a high-end device like the Samsung Galaxy S10e starts running slow, you can always expect that such problem is caused by apps or some issues with the system. While it’s a very annoying problem, it’s actually pretty easy to fix and you can make your phone

Fix Gmail crashes on Samsung Galaxy S10e

By Harold | 12 April 2019

Your new Samsung Galaxy S10e has a lot of pre-installed app and some owners have been complaining about Gmail crashes. According to some, the error message “Unfortunately, Gmail has stopped” shows up when the app is opened while others said that the app closes immediately after it’s opened. As a result, they could no longer

Samsung Galaxy S10e keeps showing ‘Warning: Camera failed’ error

By Harold | 12 April 2019

The error or warning “Camera failed” that keeps bugging some Samsung Galaxy S10e owners means that the camera, either the app or the sensor itself, failed to initialize or crashed shortly after it opened. This error may occur from time to time and there are instances wherein it’s caused by a third-party application or a