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How to fix Samsung Galaxy S9 that frequently freezes and lags

By Harold | 21 April 2019

Freezes and lags are among the most common performance issues that even high-end smartphones like the Samsung Galaxy S9 may encounter every now and then. Most of the time, these issues come together and the user may notice that the phone has become sluggish or slow and then the lags may become more frequent. After

Snapchat keeps crashing on Samsung Galaxy S9 after Android 9 Pie update

By Harold | 19 April 2019

When the new firmware update (Android 9 Pie)  was rolled out for the Samsung Galaxy S9, many users downloaded it immediately as it brings a lot of improvements to the phone’s overall performance and appearance. Some owners were glad because the update lived up to expectations but there were those who complained because issues occurred

What to do if your Samsung Galaxy S9 has a virus infection popup?

By Harold | 30 January 2019

The popup that says your Samsung Galaxy S9 is infected with a virus might be due to an app with malicious code in it. These apps are often offered by some third-party websites that cater cracked applications. Installing these kinds of apps will cause harm to your device and having virus infection popups is just

What to do if your Samsung Galaxy S9 takes too long to charge

By Harold | 15 January 2019

There are times when your Samsung Galaxy S9 won’t charge but there are also situations wherein it charges but takes too long to reach 100%. There are several reasons why this problem happens but we don’t have to tackle all of them. Instead, we just have to find out how to make your phone charge