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How to make a frozen Galaxy S10 respond again

By Harold | 16 April 2019

Your frozen Galaxy S10 may be stuck on a black screen or any screen while you’re using it and may not respond again. Things like this happen from time to time and while they’re always very annoying, you can easily fix them if you knew what to do. That’s the purpose of this article and

Samsung Galaxy S10 stuck on Black Screen of Death

By Harold | 5 April 2019

The Black Screen of Death is becoming more common even to owners of the new Samsung Galaxy S10. Some owners actually panic if their phones only show a black and unresponsive screen thinking it’s a serious hardware-related problem. But the fact is that it’s often just a minor firmware issue that you can fix by

How to fix Samsung Galaxy S10 that reboots randomly

By Harold | 22 March 2019

When a high-end device like the Samsung Galaxy S10 reboots randomly, there could only be some minor issues with the firmware provided there are no signs of physical and/or liquid damage. While such problem is commonly caused by a failing battery, a new phone shouldn’t act like that unless there’s a manufacturing defect, which as

Fix Samsung Galaxy S10 with “Facebook has stopped” error

By Harold | 22 March 2019

The error message “Unfortunately, Facebook has stopped” that seems to be bugging some owners of the Samsung Galaxy S10 is actually not a serious problem since it concerns only a third-party application. But there are times when this kind of issue is actually just a result of a serious firmware problem. That’s the reason why

Is your Galaxy S10 Screen Flickering? Here’s The Fix!

By Harold | 17 March 2019

The screen flickering issue that some Samsung Galaxy S10 owners have been complaining about could be due to a minor firmware problem or if your device has some signs of physical damage, it could be a hardware issue. There are countless possibilities as to why this problem happens but the least you can do if