How to Put Unused Apps to Sleep on Galaxy S22

This post will walk you through saving battery life on your Samsung Galaxy smartphone by putting unused apps to sleep mode.  Here’s a quick guide to put unused apps to sleep on Galaxy S22.

Background usage limits

One of the things that can make your phone’s battery drain faster is when you switch between apps constantly all day. Doing so will increase the chance of having multiple apps left open and running in the background. Leaving apps in this state will likewise augment power usage as more and more apps are consuming the battery. As a result, the phone’s battery dies so quickly.

To prevent this from happening, activating the built-in background usage limits feature to put unused apps to sleep automatically can help.

Putting apps to sleep turns out to be effective in preventing apps from running in the background, allowing you to focus on the apps that you use more often.

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If you’re wondering how to access and utilize this feature on the Samsung Galaxy S22 series, you can refer to the simple instructions outlined below.

Steps to automatically put unused apps to sleep on Galaxy S22

Depicted below are the steps to activate the option to put unused apps to sleep based on the interface of the Galaxy S22 device. If you have another Samsung phone that runs on the same Android and One UI OS version with the S22 series, this method is also applicable. Just be sure to keep your device software up-to-date to ensure all key features and menu options are accessible.

Feel free to start whenever you’re all set to configure your phone’s battery settings and optimize power usage by unused or idle apps.

Step 1: To get started, tap Settings from the Home screen or Apps tray to launch the main settings menu.
Alternatively, you can pull up the quick panel and then tap on the Gear icon to access the main settings app menu on your device.
Step 2: In the settings menu, find then tap Battery and device care.  Doing so pulls up another menu with relevant power optimization features.
Step 3: Tap Battery to proceed.
Step 4: More battery features will load up on the next screen. Find and then tap Background usage limits.
Step 5: On the succeeding menu, you will see the option to Put unused apps to sleep. To activate the feature, simply tap to turn the switch on next to it. 

That should prompt your device to automatically put all unused apps to sleep mode and prevent them from using up the phone’s battery.

You should see the setting take into effect when the apps you haven’t used in a while are automatically put to sleep mode.

If you don’t want to put all idle apps to sleep mode, you can manually sort them to any of the available modes such as sleeping apps, deep sleeping apps and never sleeping apps, individually.

This can be considered a better option if you rarely use a certain app on your phone and just want to set that app to deep sleeping mode so you won’t have to worry about it draining your phone’s battery life.

Just pick any of the available sleep modes in which you’d like to put an app into:

1. Sleeping apps

This sleeping category contains apps that are currently sleeping. Apps in this category may run in the background if you start to use them again.

To manually add an app to this sleeping mode, tap the Plus (+) icon on the top-right corner, select the app(s) that you’d like to include and then tap Add to confirm.

2. Deep sleeping apps

This category holds all apps that will never run in the background and only work when you open them.

To manually add app(s) into this category, just tap the Plus (+) icon on the top-right, select the app(s) that you’d like to add and then tap Add to confirm.

3. Never sleeping apps

Apps in this category will never turn off or sleep in the background, making it possible for you to use them anytime when needed.

To manually add app(s) to this category, simply tap the Plus (+) icon on the top-right, choose the app(s) that you’d like to add then tap Add to confirm.

Removing Apps from Sleeping Mode

Should you wish to remove an app from any of the given sleep modes, just tap to access the sleep mode category that you’d like to remove an app from.

For example, tap Sleeping app to view all apps in sleeping mode and then tap the three-dots on the top-right corner.

Doing so opens a side menu with the option to Remove app(s). Tap Remove then select the app(s) that you’d like to remove from sleep mode and then tap Remove at the bottom of the screen to confirm. That should remove the app from the sleep mode category.

Do the same steps when removing an app from other categories like Deep sleeping and Never sleeping mode.

Alternatively, you can turn the Put unused apps to sleep switch OFF again to disable the feature at once.

Aside from preserving your phone’s battery life, putting unused apps to sleep also helps prevent any unexpected in-app glitches inflicted by idle apps that have gone rogue or misbehaving.

Hope this helps!

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