“Ok Google” Voice Command Not Working on Google Pixel

It is easy to fix if you’re having a voice command not working on your Google Pixel phone. Simply perform a retrain voice model process by opening the Google app on your phone. Select More option at the bottom part of the screen and tap Settings >Voice > Voice Match. Tap the Retrain Voice Model option. 

Voice commands on your Google Pixel phone may not work if there is debris on the microphone. This small microphone hole is found near the charging port and could be blocked by dusts as you use the phone over time. You can clean it carefully using a safety pin that is similar to a sim ejector. 

But if you’re still having an issue where trying to prompt the “OK Google” voice command on your Google Pixel doesn’t activate Google Now, I have mapped out some procedure that might fix the problem. Follow the steps provided below:

  • Open your “Google” app and tap on the three bars on the top left.
  • Select Settings >Voice > “Ok Google” Detection.
  • Make sure “From Google Search app” and “From any screen” are both toggled ON.
  • Go back <- into Voice and make sure Language is set to English (US).
  • OK Google voice command should be working now!

Doing a simple phone reboot might also help in fixing the problem. Just turn off your phone for a couple of minutes and turn it on again. This process is proven effective in eliminating minor glitches on smartphones. 

Checking your internet connection is also a must. Remember that for the google voice commands to work properly, it is essential that your phone is getting sufficient Wi-Fi or Cellular data connection. You can check your connection speed and see if the status is good. 

Aside from that, you can also perform a hard reset or master reset on your Google Pixel phone. This process will help in removing stubborn glitches that may have been preventing your phone from recognizing voice commands. 

But there is a downside with performing a factory reset process. All data and files that are stored on your Google Pixel phone will be wiped out. You can always create a backup prior to performing the steps that can be found here

I hope that this article has helped you in fixing the “Ok Google” voice command not working on Google Pixel phone. If you wish to explore more troubleshooting guides, feel free to visit our Youtube channel. You can also find some tutorial videos out there. Just don’t forget to like the videos and subscribe. Thank you. 

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