No Service or Emergency Calls on iPhone

If you’re unable to place or receive calls and messages on your iPhone, it may be due to an error on your network provider’s server. This could also lead to a no network connection on iPhone or an iPhone being stuck on searching, can’t connect to network, no service or emergency calls. 

To make sure that service is up on their end, contact your network provider and verify if their server is up and running with no issues. 

A no service error is also commonly observed after updating the iPhone to the latest software version. This kind of post-update error could be due to common software glitches that is almost inevitable right after every update. 

A simple restart may often resolve a few errors on your iPhone. Just turn off your device for at least 10 seconds then turn it back on. You may try removing the SIM card as well and make sure that is free from any dirt or dust.

If it doesn’t resolve the issue, I have mapped some other procedures that you can try to eliminate the no service or emergency calls error on your iPhone. Feel free to follow the recommendations below: 

  • If you have an iPhone 4S or earlier, go to Settings > Cellular and make sure Enable 3G is activated (If you have an iPhone 5 or later, skip this step).
  • Reset your Network Settings on your iPhone (Note: This will erase saved WiFi passwords on your device, so remember to reconnect to WiFi after this step)
    • Go to Settings > General and then tap on Reset.
    • Select Reset Network Settings.
    • You will then see the Apple logo and your phone will restart and try to reconnect to the network.
  • If you still aren’t getting service, go to Settings > Carrier and switch OFF Automatic. The iPhone will then start searching for networks, and will display all the available networks in your area. Make sure you Select the Carrier you belong to (eg. Telus, AT&T, O2).
  • If your iPhone is not getting any service after trying to connect to a network manually and resetting your network settings. The next step is making sure your iPhone is up to date. Go to Settings > General > Software Update and perform any updates that might be available.
  • The last step is to perform a full backup/restore of your iPhone.For a complete guide on how to backup/restore your iPhone, click here.

If things didn’t go well and your iPhone is still showing a no service error, it is time to escalate this matter to Apple support. Further recommendations on how to deal with the issue can be acquired on their end.

You may also check the nearest service center in your area and have your phone checked by their onsite technician. Hardware damage on the SIM connector parts can also cause relevant symptoms to occur.

I hope that this article has provided you some useful insights in resolving your iPhone dilemma. For other troubleshooting guides and tutorial videos, feel free to visit our Youtube channel. Just don’t forget to like the videos and subscribe. Thank you.