My iPhone Battery is Yellow. What should I do?

If you’re wondering what a yellow battery indicator on your iPhone screen means, I’ve explicated a quick answer below. Read further and get to know the basics about the yellow iPhone battery color indicator.

Yellow battery icon: Low Power Mode

A yellow battery icon on the iPhone normally indicates that the device is currently in low power mode. In normal circumstances, this does not depict any problem unless the battery indicator suddenly turns yellow and it doesn’t change even if the battery life is still sufficient or not on a critical level. 

iphone battery is running low enable low power mode

When enabled, your iPhone will automatically enable Low Power mode if the battery life goes down to 20 percent and below. And when this happens, the battery icon turns yellow. That said, the yellow battery simply denotes a warning that your iPhone is soon to be running out of power and thus, needs a recharge. 

If you haven’t enabled Low Power Mode and the battery drops to 20%, you will be asked to enable Low Power Mode, the moment your iPhone battery reaches 20 percent.

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If you tap to enable the feature, that’s when your iPhone switches to low power mode and thus, its battery icon on the status bar becomes yellow. 

How to get the battery icon back to its original color?

When Low Power Mode is enabled, the battery consumption is lessened so as to stretch or preserve the remaining power on your device. When you recharge your iPhone and the battery goes up to 80 percent, that’s when the battery indicator turns back to its normal (green) color. 

What to do if your iPhone battery is yellow even if the battery isn’t low?

As I mentioned earlier, there are also some instances when the battery indicator on your iPhone suddenly turns yellow even when the power isn’t significantly low. In this case, it’s likely because your iPhone is enduring some battery issues like rapid battery drain. This is usually what happens to many iPhones, following a software update installation and that update contains some bug that ruined the power system and caused your iPhone to get stuck on low power mode. The same thing could occur to devices with hardware-related battery issues. 

To deal with battery issues that are inflicted by software glitches, ruling out the potential triggers including rogue apps would be necessary. And the simplest yet very effective solution you can try is a force restart. 

Performing a force restart on an iPhone forces any erratic apps and system services to end and thereby allows the system to execute a normal reboot sequence. There are different ways to force restart an iPhone, and the steps vary between iPhone models.

This method does not affect any saved data on your iPhone and therefore does not require backup creation beforehand.

Is your iPhone battery still yellow?

In the case where your iPhone battery remains yellow even if Low Power Mode is enabled and the battery is fully charged, there’s a tendency that hardware damage is present. To rule that out, you can take your device to the nearest Apple Genius bar for a thorough assessment.

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