How to Manage Galaxy Z Flip4 Camera Settings to Keep

This post will walk you through utilizing the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 4 Camera feature that allows you to keep the last settings you’ve applied when using the camera. Here’s a quick guide to manage the Galaxy Z Flip4 camera settings to keep.

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Time Needed : 3 minutes

The Samsung camera app settings are made customizable by end-users so you can alter default options according to your needs and proclivity.

However, some changes you’ve made to the camera settings such as camera mode, selfie angle, and filters are automatically discarded and replaced with the default values and options when you close or exit the app. 
To prevent this from happening, you can configure the camera app to keep your previous settings the next time you launch it.

In case you need help applying these settings on your Galaxy Z Flip 4, we've outlined the actual steps for your reference.

  1. When ready, launch the Settings app by tapping on the settings icon from the Home screen or Apps screen.

    Alternatively, you can launch the quick settings panel then tap on the gear (settings shortcut) icon to access the settings menu from there.

  2. In the Settings menu, scroll to find then tap Apps.

    System and downloaded apps will load up on the next screen.

  3. Find Camera from the list of apps then tap on it to continue.

    The App Info screen for the stock camera app will load up next. Here, you’ll see different features and options relevant to the Samsung camera application.

  4. To continue, tap Camera settings.

    More camera settings will be displayed next.

  5. Scroll to find Settings to keep from the given options then tap on it.

    Another menu opens with all the camera settings that you can keep.

  6. Each of these settings has a dedicated button that you can turn on or off. If you want to keep a setting, simply turn on the switch next to it.

    Recent changes will immediately take effect and therefore be applied in the iOS 16 Camera app’s settings.

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  • Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 4

Samsung (One UI 5) Camera Settings that you can keep

Among the available camera settings that you can keep are the following:

  • Camera mode – when turned on, it will start the camera in the last used mode such as video, instead of always starting in photo mode
  • Selfie angle – when turned on, it will keep the angle you last used for the front camera. The camera will no longer switch between normal and wide angles based on the number of people in the selfie
  • Filters –  when turned on, it will keep the filters you’ve applied to each mode instead of removing them when you close the Camera
  • Super steady – when turned on in Video mode, it keeps the camera in super steady mode.

Again, turn on the switch next to the setting that you want the camera app to keep the next time you launch it on your device. This will help you save time and effort in redoing or reconfiguring the camera app settings to make it work according to your needs.

And that’s how you configure your Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 4 to keep the last camera settings you’ve used.

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