How to Manage Galaxy S20 Battery with Device Care

This post aims at helping new Android users, particularly those with Samsung’s latest Galaxy flagship smartphone make the most of its battery life. Here’s a quick guide on how to optimize and manage Galaxy S20 battery.

Optimizing battery usage is imperative on every device, regardless of the battery capacity. Doing so will not only help extend the battery life but also aids in keeping the device’s optimum performance. The steps I demonstrate in this context will help you get started in managing battery consumption of the new Galaxy handset. Read on for more detailed instructions.

Steps to View, Optimize and Manage Galaxy S20 Battery

Time Needed : 5 minutes

The following steps will help you access your phone’s battery usage information and manage power consumption. Visual representation in the form of screenshots are also provided to make it easier for you to navigate through various sub-menu options as described in the given instructions.

  1. Start by swiping up from the bottom center of the Home screen.

    Doing so will let you view and access the Apps screen.

    manage galaxy s20 battery - access apps screen

  2. From the Apps screen, swipe right to and tap Settings.

    The Settings menu for system functions and services will then be displayed.

    manage galaxy s20 battery - open settings

  3. Scroll down to and tap Device care.

    This is where you can access the battery settings, storage details, memory, and security options.

    how to manage galaxy s20 battery - device care menu

  4. Select Battery from the given options under Device care.

    Battery information including battery percentage, usage, power options, and other relevant information will be displayed.

    how to manage galaxy s20 battery - battery menu

  5. Tap Battery usage to continue.

    This will launch another screen where you can view the details about how your phone's battery is being used.

    how to manage galaxy s20 battery - battery usage menu

  6. Scroll down then select an app to view more information on how much of your phone's battery is consumed by the app.

    If you see any unusual power consumption by an app, that's when you'll need to do something to manage and optimize battery usage of that application.

    how to manage galaxy s20 battery - app battery usage information

  7. After viewing all apps' battery usage information, tap the Back icon twice.

    Doing so will route you back to the Battery menu.

    how to manage galaxy s20 battery - tap Back icon twice

  8. At this point, scroll then tap to select Power mode from the given options.

    This will open a new screen containing different power modes you can choose.

    how to manage galaxy s20 battery - select Power Mode

  9. Then select Optimized mode to activate battery optimization recommendation for your device.

    Activating this power mode will prompt your device to utilize the recommended balance of performance and battery life.

    how to manage galaxy s20 battery - select optimized power mode

  10. Then, scroll down to and tap the switch next to Adaptive power saving.

    Doing so will set the power mode automatically based on the usage pattern on your device. Enabling this option will likewise allow you to save power during idle time. Screen resolution and other display settings don't change with adaptive power saving mode enabled.

    how to manage galaxy s20 battery - activate adaptive power saving

  • Android 10, One UI 2.0
  • Galaxy S20

To optimize and manage battery consumption for individual applications, installing new app updates, clear apps cache and resetting preferences for certain apps periodically is recommended.

Activating the Galaxy S20 Dark mode feature can also help reduce battery usage and thereby extends the battery life of your phone. You can also refer to a separate walk-through on how to activate this feature.

Battery consumption can also be reduced by disabling wireless connectivity features such as Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and location services when not in use. Turning Airplane Mode on when using the device in areas with poor reception or low signal can also help. Doing so will stop the phone from searching for cellular or wireless signal.

Lastly, adjusting the phone’s display settings like reducing the screen brightness or enabling auto-brightness is also another means to extend battery life on your phone.

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And that’s how you optimize and manage Galaxy S20 battery usage with device care. Please keep posted for more comprehensive guides, tips, and tricks on how to make the most of your Samsung Galaxy S20 and other new Galaxy devices.  

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