How to Make Tik Tok Videos – Beginners Guide to Tik Tok 2021

Tik Tok is making a buzz these days as a lot of people have been posting their recorded stuff on the Internet using the Tik Tok app. Some say it is fun and exciting while others say that it is satisfying to record different scenarios. The question is, are you ready to make Tik Tok videos and join the party? 

Different marketing strategies and newly added features are the main reason why an app becomes famous. Other apps will bloom while others might fade. Launched in 2016, Tik Tok has already garnered a massive 500 users worldwide. 

Tik Tok’s success may have something to do with its features like recording videos and expressing yourself through dancing, singing, acting or lip-syncing. These things could help those people who are bored and want to entertain themselves. Aside from entertaining yourself, you can also entertain others by sharing the videos to your followers. 

In this world where negativity is prospering, we always want to find some entertainment. If you are tired and want to escape the stresses in life, social media platforms might do good for you, as long as you find the right place. And Tik Tok will not disappoint you as it gives good vibes to its users. 

But before you can share happiness with the world, you must learn the basics and that is how to make Tik Tok videos. You can find the simple steps on how you can participate with the Tik Tok crowd and create your entertaining video by reading further. 

Prior to performing the steps, make sure to download and install Tik Tok through the App and create your account. 

Create your Own Tik Tok Videos

Time Needed : 05 minutes

Here are the steps to make Tik Tok videos:

  1. Launch your Tik Tok app and sign in if you’ll need to.

    make tik tok videos

  2. Tap on the + (Plus) sign to create videos.

    It is at the bottom center.

    tik tok videos plus

  3. To add music, tap on Sounds at the top center.

    tik tok videos sounds

  4. Select the Music that you would like to use on your videos.

    You can tap on each music to listen before clicking the check icon.

    tik tok videos select music

  5. Record a video by tapping the Red button.

    tik tok videos record

  6. Once done, tap the check mark button.

    tik tok videos record done

  7. Edit your video based on your preferences.

    You can trim it by tapping the scissor icon, add effects and a lot more.

      tik tok videos edit

  8. After editing the video, tap on Next.

    tik tok videos next

  9. Provide a caption that you want and tap on Post to share your video.

    post tik tok videos

  • Tik Tok app
  • iPhone

Now that you know how to make your own Tik Tok videos, it’s time to explore your options and share the vibrance of happiness to the world. 

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