How To Limit AirDrop To Contacts Only On Apple iPhone 14 Pro

While the AirDrop feature on your iPhone 14 Pro is very useful, you don’t want other people that you don’t know to send you unsolicited files. That’s why it’s important that you set it up so that only the people you know or those that are in your contacts list are able to AirDrop files to your phone. 

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You can also set it up to not receive anything from anyone especially if you’re in a public place. By turning off AirDrop, your iPhone 14 Pro would no longer be visible on other people’s devices, which gives you extra privacy. 

So here’s how you set up AirDrop to contacts only on iPhone 14 Pro. 

  1. Swipe down from the top-right corner of the screen to pull the Control Center.

    This will show you a bunch of features that you can immediately use. 

  2. Touch and hold the first group of icons where you can find Wi-Fi or Bluetooth.

    It will bring you to the next screen where you can see additional features. 

  3. Tap the AirDrop icon.

    Doing so will give you three more options to choose from. 

  4. Tap Receiving Off to select it.

    This will block all AirDrop processes and hide your iPhone from other devices. You won’t be able to receive but still be able to AirDrop from your device. 

  5. Tap Contacts Only to select it.

    With this setting enabled, you’ll only be able to receive AirDrops from people who are in your contact list. 

  6. Tap Everyone to select it.

    If you select it, which we suggest you don’t, anybody with an Apple device will be able to AirDrop you regardless of whether they’re in your contact list or not. 

  7. You can also set up AirDrop right from the settings, so go back to the Home Screen and tap on it.

    This opens the Settings app that allows you to change some features in your iPhone. 

  8. Scroll down a bit and tap General.

    It will bring you to the screen where you can find settings that have immediate impact on your device. 

  9. Find and tap AirDrop.

    You will then be able to choose between the three choices which can also be found in the Control Center. 

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And that’s how you set up AirDrop on your iPhone 14 Pro. 

We hope that this guide can help you one way or another.

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