How to Join a Public Channel on Zoom for iOS | Guide 2021

Learn to join a public channel on Zoom in your Apple iPhone device the easy way. Read this post to know how.

Zoom channels enable users to communicate to a group through private or public chat. These channels can be composed of one or multiple members in which you will be able to exchange messages, files, and other content. You also have the option to initiate a video call to a member or the entire group in the channel.

A public channel can be composed of up to 10,000 members, so joining this group won’t be that hard since there’s a less chance of getting denied due reaching the channel’s maximum member limit.

Unlike hosting a meeting, joining a channel won’t require you to have a Zoom account, regardless if it is a private or public channel.

But if you have installed a Zoom app on your iPhone device for business or educational purposes and wanted to know how to join a public channel, check the illustration we have shown below.

How to Join a Public Channel on Zoom for iOS

Time Needed : 03 minutes

Make sure that your phone's cellular data is enabled or it is connected to a WiFi network. Log in to your Zoom account and do these steps:

  1. Once logged in, tap the Contacts tab.

    It can be found at the bottom part of the screen.

    How-to-Join a-Public-Channel-on-Zoom-for-iOS

  2. Select Channels. Doing so will prompt you with a list of available channels you belong  to (both public and private). Then tap the + icon. 

    This + icon is located at the top-right corner of the screen.

    How-to-Join a-Public-Channel-on-Zoom-for-iOS-2020

  3. Then select Join a Public Channel.

    This page will only show available public channels that you can join.

    How-to-Join a-Public-Channel-on-Zoom-for-iOS-2020-guide

  4. Utilize the search bar to find Public Channels.

    If you find one, hover the display name of the public channel, and then tap Join.


  • Apple iPhone
  • Zoom app

The Channel lists that you currently belong to will show whether the group is private or public. But when joining a public channel, all the channels found after tapping “Join a Public Channel” should be all public (as the name implies).

Public channels can be seen by users both on and outside their Zoom accounts, which will also be available on a public calendar for up to a year.

This information will definitely of great help especially to those who are still getting started to use the app on their iOS devices. If you know someone who might need the same assistance, feel free to share this post.

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