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Youtube App That Won't Load Properly

How To Fix Youtube App That Won’t Load Properly Or Keeps Crashing On iPhone SE After Installing iOS 11.4 Update

Software updates do come with pros and cons as what Apple’s every iOS release generates. Symptoms can be either minor or complex. Usually, transpiring symptoms of a software update are minor, which denotes they’re fixable. Tackled in this post is a common issue encountered by iOS device owners following a new iOS update implementation. It’s

iPhone SE No Sound Or No Audio

How To Fix iPhone SE No Sound Or No Audio After Updating To iOS 11.3.1

Sound problems in iOS devices like an iPhone SE that has no sound can be due to a faulty software or damaged hardware, particularly audio components. Unless you’ve accidentally dropped your iPhone or got it wet, there’s a higher chance that the no sound problem is attributed to the software. Many factors can cause an

iPhone SE That Is Overheating

How To Fix iPhone SE That Is Overheating After Installing iOS 11.3.1 Update

It’s normal for a device to heat up when installing updates. Just like what occurs when you install multiple app updates on your iPhone. You would notice that your device becomes warmer and warmer especially when the updating takes longer time to complete. The same thing happens while charging and can get even worse, if

iPhone SE Charging Very Slowly

How To Fix iPhone SE Charging Very Slowly, Wont Complete Charge After iOS 11.3.1 update

When it comes to charging, prior models of iOS devices including the iPhone SE are not really equipped with fast charging features. The iPhone SE comes with Apple’s 5W charging block, which means a much lower battery capacity of the phone. This also denotes a shorter charging time, most likely around 2 hours. If you

Black Screen Of Death

How To Fix iPhone SE Stuck On Black Screen Of Death After Installing iOS Update

Although updates are generally rolled out for good intentions, there are certain factors that would make things turn bad after a new update is installed. It could be something in your phone system or from within the new update file that’s inflicting troubles. And ending up with an iPhone that is stuck on black screen

Cellular Data That Stopped Working On iPhone SE

How To Fix Cellular Data That Stopped Working On iPhone SE After iOS 11 update

Seeing the preview of what the new iOS 11 platform has to offer to the receiving iOS devices, many people couldn’t wait to go for an upgrade. But contrary to what they’ve expected about the new update to offer a new level of iPhone experience, they ended up facing various types of issues including the

Speaker Not Working

Apple iPhone SE Speaker Not Working, Poor Quality Sound Output, No Sound Problems

When the iPhone speaker stops working, many other features are affected. Music app stops playing, notification sounds not working, messages and call alerts won’t be heard. And when these happen, you’ll realize how important your iPhone speaker is and you have to do something to get it properly work again as it should. Read on

Apple iPhone SE Network Problems

Apple iPhone SE Network Problems: No Service, Searching, Cannot Connect To Cellular Network

Apple’s special edition iPhone, the #iPhone SE adopts the powerful features of the bigger iPhone 6s variant. This explains why the SE takes the reputation as a smaller yet more powerful iPhone released by Apple to date. Nonetheless, not all iPhone SE owners have the same positive experience with their device. In fact, a number

Best Wireless Chargers For iPhone SE

7 Best Wireless Chargers For iPhone SE

It’s a serious hassle to charge the iPhone, or any smartphone, by wire. The port always gets packed with dust and lint, and more often than not, charging abilities are severely affected. Over time you’ll notice that your fast charge has seemingly turned into a trickle charge. Sometimes you might even find that your phone