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How to force restart an iPhone 8

Issue How to force restart iPhone 8. iPhone 8 won’t restart. Can’t restart iPhone 8. iPhone 8 screen frozen. iPhone 8 is frozen and can’t turn off. iPhone 8 unresponsive how to force reset. Solution You might encounter a scenario where your iPhone 8 or iPhone 8 Plus freezes or stops responding to commands. When

Blue moving box stuck on iPhone 8

Issue Blue box jumping on iPhone 8 screen.  Blue moving box on iPhone 8. Blue box outline on iPhone 8 or iPhone 8 Plus. Workaround If you have a blue box moving around all over your screen on your iPhone 8 and can’t remove it, that is because you accidentally turned on the “VoiceOver” feature

iPhone 8 Yahoo account not receiving incoming mails, mails won’t show, other issues

This day’s #iPhone8 troubleshooting article covers three problems that some users may encounter from time to time. We pay attention to one particular issue about a user having trouble with a Yahoo account. We understand that email issues can sometimes be tricky and difficult to diffuse so hopefully our suggestions in these post can effectively

Ten easy ways to fix an iPhone 8 that is stuck in Headphone Mode [troubleshooting guide]

One of the common major annoyances a lot of #iPhone8 users experience lately is a state wherein their device get stuck in headphone mode. While majority who encounter the problem fix the issue relatively easily, some may have to send the phone in because of bad hardware. In this post, try to cover as many

How to fix iPhone 8 apps that won't update in iOS 13, pending app updates won’t install

Keeping apps up to date is one way to ensure that all your apps are optimized and performing stable. Just like your iPhone, apps also receive periodic updates from their respective developers. Some app updates are automatically implemented while others require manual installation. To manually install pending app updates, your phone must have a stable

How to fix an iPhone 8 keeps losing Wi-Fi signal after iOS 13 update

Wireless connectivity issues transpiring from an update are usually due to some minor system glitches that are easily remedied at home. While software updates are intended to serve a good purpose, not all actual outcomes are positive. Hence, various types of post-update problems manifest. Addressed in this context is one of the common post-update problems

What to do if iPhone 8 stops working after it was charged overnight (won't charge or turn on)

Many people usually leave their iPhones charged overnight and for most, this is not an issue. For some unfortunate few however, this same exact situation can be risky. In this short iPhone 8 troubleshooting article, find out why. Before we proceed, we want to remind you that if you are looking for solutions to your

How to fix iPhone 8 reboot issue: phone restarts when camera is used

Hello iPhone fans! Welcome to another iPhone troubleshooting article. This post covers some issues reported for the #iPhone8. If you’ve been having an iPhone issue of your own, be sure to check this article for solutions. As always, we will continue posting more similar articles in the coming days so be sure to check back.

How to fix iPhone 8 error 4013 when updating [troubleshooting guide]

One of the commonly encountered errors when updating an iOS device via iTunes is error 4013. In this short troubleshooting episode for the #iPhone8, we address this bug once and for all. We hope you’ll find this material helpful. Before we proceed let us remind you that you can contact us by using the link provided

How to fix no sound, other audio problems on your Apple iPhone 8 (easy steps)

Sound problems on the iPhone can be attributed to a software error or hardware damage. In most cases though, the software is to blame. Just like what happens to some iPhone 8 users who have installed the latest iOS update and ended up having trouble with sudden sound and audio malfunctions. Aside from faulty updates,