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Fix iPhone 6s Wi-Fi Signal Keeps Dropping On iOS 13

How To Fix iPhone 6s Wi-Fi Signal Keeps Dropping On iOS 13

Tackled in this post is a problem on the iPhone 6s Wi-Fi signal that keeps dropping in iOS 13. The solutions mapped out below are used to eliminate common factors that could trigger the same issue be it from an update or in regular basis. The quality of your wireless internet connection depends on how

iPhone 6S iOS Not Loading

How to fix iPhone 6S iOS Not Loading

This short guide addresses an issue with #iPhone6S being unable to boot up properly. This is one of the common issues in older, first generation iPhone 6 devices so we hope this material will help those with similar problems. Before we proceed let us remind you that you can contact us by using the link

Touch Input not responding / not working on my iPhone 6s

Why is Touch Input not responding on my iPhone 6s and how to fix it

Touch input is the primary way to communicate with your smartphone. You tell your smartphone what to do or to carry out certain tasks through your finger touches. And likewise, the device responds to your touch input commands. That is why if the touchscreen or touch input stopped working, odds are that you won’t be

Apple iPhone 6s that won't backup to iCloud

How to fix an Apple iPhone 6s that won’t backup to iCloud

Creating a backup of significant files stored on your device is highly recommended for safekeeping. Should things go wrong later on, you always have to backup file to recover. The same thing is recommended for users of Apple devices including iPhones. Backups of this particular iOS device can be created using iCloud or iTunes. iCloud

Apple iPhone 6s Microphone is not working

Apple iPhone 6s Microphone not working, static, no sound

High-tiered smartphones like the Apple iPhone 6s are typically crafted to perform at its best thus promising every user with the best possible smartphone experience. Even so, not all users of these devices have the same positive impression. Some are plagued with software issues while others are troubled with hardware flaws. The iPhone 6s has


Apple iPhone 6s Speaker not working, popping noises, static noise, random stops

Why does iPhone 6s speaker not working, popping noises, static noise, random stops? Learn how to deal with this issue by reading this whole article. While the Apple iPhone 6s sports an overall good sound quality, its loudspeaker performance has been rated below average based on prior speakerphone tests conducted by experts. This denotes that

Cant send or receive emails

Apple iPhone 6s Email Problems: Cannot send or receive emails, server errors, mailbox locked, other Mail app issues

Need help dealing with email issues or Mail app errors on your iPhone 6s such as Cant send or receive emails? If so, then this content is for you. Read on to get help. Nowadays, many people would consider smartphone as a necessity. It’s becoming part of everyone’s daily routine to use their smartphone for

No Camera Flash And Focus

How to Fix Apple iPhone 6s Camera Problems: No Flash, No Focus, Blurry Photos, Random App crashes, Camera App Missing

One of the highlighted features of Apple’s iPhone 6s device is the iSight camera. It is packed with a number of interesting camera modes, options, and settings for end-users to utilize and configure as they would prefer. But despite the integration of various cool features, many people were not totally impressed with the actual camera

Can't send or receive messages

Apple iPhone 6s Messaging Problems: Cannot send or receive messages, other messaging errors

One of the iPhone features that you can’t go without is the messaging service, either iMessage or cellular SMS / MMS. And this is probably the reason why the iOS messaging app is also tagged among the priority and key features to receive constant updates to serve a better purpose. In fact, the iOS 10

iPhone 6s Screen Randomly Freezes

iPhone 6S Screen Randomly Freezes Issue & Other Related Problems

Welcome to another installment of our troubleshooting series where we aim to help our readers who own the #Apple #iPhone6S fix the issues that they are experiencing with their device. Today we will tackle the iPhone 6s screen randomly freezes issue & other related problems. We will analyze each problem and provide the best troubleshooting