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Getting Started
  • Understanding iPhone 11 buttons, features and getting to know the back side
  • Setting up iPhone 11 manually as a new device
  • Setting up iPhone 11 with Quick Start
  • Inserting and removing the nano SIM card on iPhone 11
  • Unlocking iPhone 11 screen
  • Changing the language of iPhone 11
  • Charging iPhone 11
Home screen, Display & Notifications
  • Adding and removing Home screen pages on iPhone 11
  • Adding, Managing and Removing Widgest on iPhone 11
  • Creating folders on iPhone 11
  • Adding a city to your weather feed on iPhone 11
  • Changing the wallpaper on your iPhone 11
  • Customizing the Control Center on your iPhone 11
  • Adjusting your auto-lock and brightness preferences on iPhone 11
  • Scheduling a Night Shift on iPhone 11
  • Turning on Dark Mode on iPhone 11
  • Changing iPhone's name
  • Viewing your notifications on iPhone 11
  • Managing notifications for an app on iPhone 11
  • Turning on LED flash for alerts on iPhone 11
  • Setting iPhone to silent on iPhone 11
Settings, Maintenance & Security
  • Accessing settings on iPhone 11
  • Signing in and out of your Apple ID on iPhone 11
  • Resetting your Apple ID password on iPhone 11
  • Removing a device from your Apple ID on iPhone 11
  • Turning passcode on on iPhone 11
  • Setting up Face ID on iPhone 11
  • Configuring location settings on iPhone 11
  • Turning Find My iPhone on on iPhone 11
  • Using the Find My app on iPhone 11
  • Checking for and installing system updates on iPhone 11
  • Managing the battery on iPhone 11
  • Managing iPhone's memory on iPhone 11
  • Saving storage by offloading unused apps on iPhone 11
  • Managing open apps on iPhone 11
  • Managing background app refresh on iPhone 11
  • Checking your device's warranty status on iPhone 11
  • Scheduling an Apple Support call on iPhone 11
  • Cancelling a scheduled Apple Support call on iPhone 11
  • Backing up iPhone using iCloud on iPhone 11
  • Upgrading your iCloud storage plan on iPhone 11
  • Force restarting iPhone on iPhone 11
  • Using recovery mode on iPhone 11
  • Resetting network settings on iPhone 11
  • Resetting all settings on iPhone 11
  • Performing a factory reset on iPhone 11
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Recent Guides

Fix iPhone XS Max having a very slow internet after iOS 13.2

By Dina | 20 November 2019

A very slow internet can be inflicted by random network connectivity issues. But there could also be other factors that trigger the problem to emerge especially after installing the iOS 13.2 update. Many smartphone users nowadays are hooked with online apps or games that they can’t stand a second getting slow internet speed on their

Fix common errors when and/or after installing iOS 13.2 on iPhone XS Max

By Dina | 20 November 2019

Have you been trying to install iOS 13.2 on your iPhone XS Max device, but is in doubt to do so because of the common errors that may occur when updating or after installing the latest software version on your device? Let’s see what these common errors are and how these errors should be addressed.

Fix iPhone XS Max that is stuck on white Apple logo after iOS 13.2

By Dina | 20 November 2019

Stuck on white Apple logo is among the common errors end-users encountered after installing iOS 13.2 on their iPhone XS Max device. Symptoms are already expected to become apparent especially after a new system implementation. But the worse post-update errors that anyone wouldn’t want to deal with are screen issues including being stuck on white

How to fix Gmail that is not working after iOS 13.2 on iPhone XS Max

By Dina | 16 November 2019

Gmail is not only designed to be accessed in web browsers on a desktop or laptop, but also on smartphones. Through IMAP protocol, users can fetch and send emails from their internet-enabled devices. And this is really a great advantage for those who’ve been using Gmail for businesses or even for personal use as they

Fix iPhone XS Max shows Wi-Fi connected but no internet after iOS 13.2

By Dina | 13 November 2019

It seems unusual to have no internet access when in fact your phone shows it is connected to Wi-Fi. This has been one of the post-update errors iPhone users encountered when installing the iOS 13.2 update on their iOS devices. Often times, iOS bugs are the main trigger. In this article,we have mapped out attainable

Fixes for Pandora that keeps crashing after iOS 13.2 on iPhone XS Max

By Dina | 10 November 2019

Does Pandora app keeps crashing after iOS 13.2 on your iPhone XS Max? Check out this post and learn how to address the issue. Pandora is an American music online streaming app powered by the Music Genome Project. This app provides free-music streaming service and allows users to build their own offline content according to

Apple iPhone stuck on ‘Verifying Update’ after installing iOS 13.2

By Harjie | 8 November 2019

Apple has recently rolled out the iOS 13.2 update. It’s just a minor update but nonetheless important. Some iPhone owners however, reported that after they’ve successfully downloaded the update, they got stuck on ‘Verifying Update’ error.  When this problem occurs, you can still continue using your iPhone but the new update may have not been

How to fix iPhone XS Max that keeps restarting by itself after iOS 13.2

By Dina | 7 November 2019

Apple’s iOS 13.2 is an immense breakthrough release that offers bug fixes for iOS 13 issues and offers wonderful features to iPhone devices. Indeed, some iPhone users have been so contented with the end result after upgrading to iOS 13.2.  While the iOS 13.2 update eradicates some severe issues, problems on the latest iOS release

How to get rid of fake virus popup on iPhone XS Max

By GT | 7 November 2019

Issue Spam pop up appearing on iPhone XS Max. Virus pop up on iPhone XS Max. You may have one of these popup messages : Your iPhone has a spyware. Your iPhone has been infected by a virus. Your credit card information might be at risk popup on iPhone. Your webcam could be accessed remotely