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Getting Started
  • Understanding iPhone 11 buttons, features and getting to know the back side
  • Setting up iPhone 11 manually as a new device
  • Setting up iPhone 11 with Quick Start
  • Inserting and removing the nano SIM card on iPhone 11
  • Unlocking iPhone 11 screen
  • Changing the language of iPhone 11
  • Charging iPhone 11
Home screen, Display & Notifications
  • Adding and removing Home screen pages on iPhone 11
  • Adding, Managing and Removing Widgest on iPhone 11
  • Creating folders on iPhone 11
  • Adding a city to your weather feed on iPhone 11
  • Changing the wallpaper on your iPhone 11
  • Customizing the Control Center on your iPhone 11
  • Adjusting your auto-lock and brightness preferences on iPhone 11
  • Scheduling a Night Shift on iPhone 11
  • Turning on Dark Mode on iPhone 11
  • Changing iPhone's name
  • Viewing your notifications on iPhone 11
  • Managing notifications for an app on iPhone 11
  • Turning on LED flash for alerts on iPhone 11
  • Setting iPhone to silent on iPhone 11
Settings, Maintenance & Security
  • Accessing settings on iPhone 11
  • Signing in and out of your Apple ID on iPhone 11
  • Resetting your Apple ID password on iPhone 11
  • Removing a device from your Apple ID on iPhone 11
  • Turning passcode on on iPhone 11
  • Setting up Face ID on iPhone 11
  • Configuring location settings on iPhone 11
  • Turning Find My iPhone on on iPhone 11
  • Using the Find My app on iPhone 11
  • Checking for and installing system updates on iPhone 11
  • Managing the battery on iPhone 11
  • Managing iPhone's memory on iPhone 11
  • Saving storage by offloading unused apps on iPhone 11
  • Managing open apps on iPhone 11
  • Managing background app refresh on iPhone 11
  • Checking your device's warranty status on iPhone 11
  • Scheduling an Apple Support call on iPhone 11
  • Cancelling a scheduled Apple Support call on iPhone 11
  • Backing up iPhone using iCloud on iPhone 11
  • Upgrading your iCloud storage plan on iPhone 11
  • Force restarting iPhone on iPhone 11
  • Using recovery mode on iPhone 11
  • Resetting network settings on iPhone 11
  • Resetting all settings on iPhone 11
  • Performing a factory reset on iPhone 11
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Recent Guides

How to fix an Apple iPhone XS Max with email setup error

This post highlights potential solutions to email setup error on the iPhone XS Max handset that seems to be bugging some users. While this could be a very annoying problem, it’s not really that serious and you may be able to fix it on your own without any help from a tech. Continue reading as

How to fix an Apple iPhone XS Max that has no Wi-Fi internet connection

No Wi-Fi internet connection is one of the most widespread issues encountered by smartphone users. In addition, it’s among the inevitable issues plaguing mobile devices from mid-range smartphones to the highest-tiered flagship devices including Apple’s new iPhone XS Max handset. And this can happen due to many various reasons. Read on to learn how to

How to fix Apple iPhone XS Max Safari that stopped working after iOS 12.2 update

The latest iOS version 12.2 is now up for grabs to owners of later Apple handsets including the iPhone XS Max. The recent update to iOS does not only make the mobile operating system stable but also provides many add-on features that will surely benefit iOS device owners. Among the new added features are the

How to fix Gmail contacts that won’t sync on Apple iPhone XS Max

Syncing contacts from Gmail to iPhone is usually done during the initial setup or transfer them later through your iPhone settings. For as long as you’ve followed the correct procedure, your Gmail contacts should sync to your iPhone as intended. Nonetheless, there are some factors that can trigger syncing issues to occur even when you’ve

How to fix Apple iPhone screen unresponsive to touch that’s randomly freezing, not responding

Several factors can trigger touchscreen problems in smartphones. Some factors are software-related while others involve damaged components. Software-related touchscreen issues are those symptoms that occur when apps go rogue or bugs strike and cause the system to crash. The problem could be isolated to a certain application or operating system of your iPhone. Hardware-related touchscreen

How to fix an iPhone XS Max with battery problems like it’s draining quickly

Battery problems may occur on both old and new devices regardless of the platform they’re running on. Mostly in old devices, battery issues are attributed to hardware damage like busted batteries or defective power components. Battery problems in new devices on the other hand are mostly attributed to software issues unless the device was dropped

WiFi toggle button greyed out on iPhone XS Max

Issue Can’t turn on WiFi on iPhone XS Max. Wifi toggle button greyed out on iPhone XS Max. Unable to toggle Wifi ON on iPhone XS Max. Can’t push WiFi button and it’s grey instead of green. Can’t turn Wifi on or off on iPhone XS Max. Solution If you’re trying to connect to WiFi

Moving Blue Box on iPhone XS Max Screen

Issue Blue box jumping on iPhone XS Max screen.  Blue moving box on iPhone XS Max. Blue box outline on iPhone XS Max. Workaround If you have a blue box moving around all over your screen on your iPhone XS Max and can’t remove it, that is because you accidentally turned on the “VoiceOver” feature