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7 Best Phone Repair Tool Kit For iPhone XS

Broke your new iPhone XS already? Does Apple or some other phone repair tech want to charge you an arm and a leg to fix it? Well, you can actually fix it fairly cheaply yourself by ordering the parts online, and then picking up a phone repair tool kit to take your iPhone XS apart.

5 Best Role Playing Games For iPhone XS

The iPhone XS is an excellent smartphone that saw some great improvements over the previous year’s iPhone in the form of the A12 Bionic chip. This chip has achieved some great things for the iPhone XS, including graphical processing abilities. But, how can you see these improvements in everyday life? The truth is, it’s difficult

5 Best Passport Photo App For iPhone XS

One of the crazy things about passport photos is just how much they You can get your passport photo taken, and it takes the attendant at Walgreens or another store just a second to wrap up. Seems like an absurd price right? That’s because it is, but luckily, there’s a way that you can cut

5 Best Offline GPS Apps For iPhone XS

Wondering how you can continue to use turn-by-turn GPS directions, even when you lose your data connection or run into a poor signal? Luckily, many of the GPS apps that you’re already using have the capabilities to download areas and even entire maps to your iPhone XS for offline use. Lose your signal, and your

7 Best Kitchen Design App For iPhone XS

Is your kitchen getting old and rundown? Is it well past time for a new kitchen renovation? Then you might want to consider using a kitchen design app for iPhone XS — a kitchen design app will allow you to start pulling renovation and design ideas together without having to consult with a designer or

5 Best MicroSD Memory Cards For iPhone XS In 2020

If your someone who takes a lot of photo and video, you no doubt take up a lot of storage space on your iPhone. When you pair it with all of your apps, that storage space will get used up quickly. You’ll notice this through system warnings on your iPhone, and you might even experience

5 Best iPhone XS Alternative In 2020

Apple announced the iPhone XS and iPhone XS Max to much excitement. Apple’s new line of smartphones signifies a new direction the company is heading in, though not everyone is entirely sure about jumping on that bandwagon. This is because, as far as hardware goes, there isn’t too much difference between last year’s iPhone X

7 Best Free Movie Apps For iPhone XS

Renting movies and TV shows — at least digitally — is an extremely expensive hobby. More often than not, you cannot actually rent TV shows, you have to buy it outright. Luckily, digitally renting movies are a little on the cheaper end of the spectrum, only costing you a couple bucks for a couple-day rental.

How to fix iPhone X Face ID not working after iOS 13.3

Face ID is the latest technology designed and develop by Apple Inc. This feature is used to unlock phone screens, accessing apps, and processing purchases. The facial recognition system which replaced the old Touch ID uses the front camera (TrueDepth camera) to authenticate the identification of the user. But with the recent iOS 13.3 update,

How to fix iPhone XS alarm not working after iOS 13.3 update

The alarm on your iPhone XS worked just fine until the latest iOS 13.3 update was installed. An alarm that is not going off as scheduled is definitely a frustrating predicament. Because of this, you’ll probably miss an important appointment. Whatever restraining your iPhone XS alarm to not go off–as long as they’re all software-related,