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Apple iPhone XS Wont Send SMS. Here’s What You Should Do To Fix It

Know the reason why your Apple iPhone XS won’t send SMS all of the sudden.Learn how to troubleshoot your iPhone with texting problems. Device manufacturers highly recommend installing of every firmware update to ensure that their devices are performing at their best. Not only that updates offer new features but they also embed some fix

How To Fix Apple iPhone XS Keeps Disconnecting From Apple Airpods After Updating iOS

Learn how to fix your Apple iPhone XS that keeps disconnecting from Apple Airpods. Understand the reason why your iPhone disconnects from another Apple accessory. In December of 2016, Apple released its patented wireless Bluetooth earbuds called the AirPods. With the AirPods, you can automatically sync through Apple’s iCloud service and switch audio sources to

How To Fix Apple iPhone XS Keeps Disconnecting From WiFi Network After Installing iOS 12.1.4 Update

Apple has just pushed an urgent update to address the alarming security issues inflicted by the prior updates to iOS 12. The recently rolled out version is iOS 12.1.4. Its main purpose is to fix the FaceTime bug that allows iPhone users to be spied by other iPhone users when using FaceTime photos and videos.

How To Fix Unable To Check For Update Error On Apple iPhone XS, Wont Update iOS Wirelessly

Updating your iPhone wirelessly is supposed to be as easy as navigating through the settings menu and tapping a few options. But then again, there are some factors that can make the simple OTA updating a bit more complicated. And this is when errors occur. Tackled in this post is a relevant issue transpiring on

How To Take Photos Using Portrait Mode On iPhone XS

Your iPhone XS uses a set of cameras to give you Portrait Mode effect. This is made possible by creating a depth-of-field effect in your photos. The result of such effect is added emphasis on the subject. The background becomes blurry as well resulting to a perfect photo. If you want to know what we’re

Easy Steps On How To Take A Screenshot With iPhone XS

Taking screenshots can be used for many different reasons. Screenshots allow a user to capture the screen without having to open apps or settings. In iPhone XS, capturing a screenshot is as easy as pressing two hardware buttons. If you’re used to capturing a screenshot in your old iPhone with a Home button, don’t worry,

Easy Steps On How To Insert Or Remove SIM Card For iPhone XS

Knowing how to insert and remove a SIM card in an iPhone XS is useful, especially when troubleshooting network problems. This short tutorial will show you how to do both. Whether you’re a newbie who does not know how to insert a SIM card, or a seasoned user who’s troubleshooting a problem, you’ll find this

How To Use Apple iPhone XS As Mobile Hotspot

This post demonstrates a step-by-step guide on how set up a Personal Hotspot or Mobile Hotspot on your new iPhone XS device. Read on to learn more. Prior electronic devices were designed to perform specific, single task but today’s smartphones are already capable of rendering more. Smartphones are basically programmed to be clever and advanced

How To Make Conference Call On Apple iPhone XS With iOS 12

“The more, the merrier!” This quote would best describe the notion of having a conference or group call on a phone. Needless to say, it’s more fun to have a group conversation. Seeing the increasing number of smartphone users who would prefer to have more than just a one-on-one phone call conversation, manufacturers ensure that

What To Do Apple iPhone XS iMessage Not Working

With iMessage, you can send and receive messages that surpass the traditional character-limited text messages and data-limited MMS messages. For as long as you’re sending iMessage to someone with iOS device, everything should be working great. Another requisite to use iMessage is data connection either through Wi-Fi or cellular data. That being said, Wi-Fi or