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What To Do Apple iPhone XS Internet Is Very Slow, Slow Browsing Issue

Slow internet connection is one of the common issues transpiring in computers and wireless mobile devices. Whether you’re on cellular/mobile data connection or using Wi-Fi internet, there’ll be always an instance when slow browsing issue is encountered. And if that happens, you’ve got a problem to fix. Before anything else, if you are looking for

How to fix Apple iPhone XS Bluetooth pairing problem, cannot pair iPhone with a Bluetooth accessory

The latest Bluetooth technology allows you to connect and sync devices and share their functionalities. For as long as device compatibility requirements are met, Bluetooth pairing and wireless file-sharing should be no sweat. But then again, Bluetooth pairing problems are inevitable. If you’re havin pag trouble pairing your iPhone XS with a Bluetooth accessory, then

How to fix GPS that is not working or showing incorrect location on Apple iPhone XS after iOS update

GPS is a key feature for tracking locations. An iPhone integrates an assisted GPS system, which utilizes other reference sources in addition to the generated signal by the Global Positioning System satellites to determine the exact location of the device. This denotes that the more signal sources accessible, the more accurate your iPhone GPS becomes.

How to fix an Apple iPhone XS that suddenly keeps restarting by itself, unexpected reboot problem

Random restart is usually tagged among other performance issues in mobile devices. This symptom typically occurs in earlier devices from wear-and-tear. Nevertheless, the same symptom can also transpire in later smartphones and the new iPhone XS is no exception. What could have possibly caused a new powerful smartphone to suddenly keep restarting unexpectedly and how

How to fix incoming call delay issues on your Apple iPhone XS, call alerts sound late

Most network-related issues transpiring on an iPhone are attributed to server problems, from scheduled maintenance to temporary outages. Majority of the transpiring symptoms are widespread or commonly experienced by a number of iOS device owners. But since the release of the iPhone X, a new symptom purportedly emerged and that’s the unusual incoming call delay.

Moving Blue Box on iPhone XS Max Screen

Issue Blue box jumping on iPhone XS Max screen.  Blue moving box on iPhone XS Max. Blue box outline on iPhone XS Max. Workaround If you have a blue box moving around all over your screen on your iPhone XS Max and can’t remove it, that is because you accidentally turned on the “VoiceOver” feature