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How To Fix Personal Hotspot Not Working On iPhone XR After iOS 13.2 Update

Do you have an iPhone XR and is having a personal hotspot that’s not working after iOS 13.2 update? Find out how to remedy this problem as you read further.  You can actually use your device as a portable modem/router by enabling hotspot connection. A personal hotspot allows you to share the data connection to

How To Fix iPhone XR Notifications In Silent Mode Notification Bug On iOS 13

While notifications are useful when it comes to giving a heads up on new updates, they can likewise be annoying at certain circumstances especially when you’re asleep or in a job session with your bosses. Normally, notifications can be turned off at any time you want but there are some cases when your phone acts

How To Fix iPhone XR That Is Overheating In iOS 13

Is your iPhone XR overheating in iOS 13? If you do, then feel free to refer to this walkthrough before opting for service. Read on to find out why this happens and what must be done to get your iPhone’s temperature back to its normal operating level. Battery draining and overheating are just two of

Apple iPhone XR GPS Guide: How To Use And Manage GPS Settings On iPhone XR

This is a quick guide on how to get started in using GPS functions and managing GPS and location services settings on your iPhone XR. Read on to learn more. GPS or Global Positioning System refers to a network system that mainly uses satellites in the outer space to provide and obtain accurate data for

How To Enable Do Not Disturb On Apple iPhone XR

Aside from the power switch, most of the built-in features of an iPhone are designed in a binary scheme or can be turned on or off. This is to ensure that all possible demands of end-users are met. Among these so-called binary features found on the iPhone XR is DND or Do Not Disturb. As

Spotify Not Working On Apple iPhone XR After An iOS Update

The Spotify not working issue on iPhone XR is actually one of the common problems reported by users in the last few months. There were also those who complained of not being able to login to their account while others reported that someone has taken over their premium Spotify accounts. The problem isn’t exclusive to

How To Create A Folder On iPhone XR And Move Apps To Different Page

If you want to properly organize your apps, you need to create a folder on iPhone XR so that you can segregate apps according to their functions. By default, the Home screen of your device is somehow a little crowded with bloatware. These are the apps that come pre-installed with your phone but you actually

How To Fix Apple iPhone XR That Is Charging Intermittently Using Wireless Charging Base

Although wireless charging takes a bit longer to complete than the traditional wired charging, many people would prefer this charging technology as it’s way better than wired. All you have to do is secure a compatible and reliable wireless charger or charging base and then place your device on the designated spot to recharge. However,

How To Make Text Larger Or Smaller On Apple iPhone XR

I personally like the text on my Apple iPhone XR, or any smartphone for that matter, smaller to make my screens a little less cluttered. But for people who might have a little problem reading smaller letters, they can also make them larger so they feel comfortable using their phones. In this post, I will

How To Enable And Disable Airplane Mode On Apple iPhone XR

The Airplane Mode is a feature that disables all wireless communications in your Apple iPhone XR, or any smartphones for that matter, in just one flick of a finger. When enabled, all network and wireless connections are disabled. This, of course, includes WiFi, Bluetooth, Cellular Data and even Personal Hotspot. If you need your phone