How to Import Contacts on Samsung Galaxy Z Flip4

This post will show you how to get a copy of contacts files from an outer source or storage to the latest Galaxy Flip smartphone’s internal storage. Here’s a quick guide to  import contacts on the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip4 smartphone.

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Time Needed : 4 minutes

If you have a long list of contacts on your SIM card or one account and want to have the same contacts on another account or storage directory, then you can just export or import your contacts. 

Importing contacts means that you will get the contacts from an outside source to your device. Exporting on the other hand means that you move the contacts from your phone’s internal source to an external storage.

Depicted below is the actual process of importing contacts on the Galaxy Z Flip 4 smartphone. Feel free to refer to this guide when needed.

  1. First, open the Phone app by tapping on the Phone icon from the Home screen or Apps tray of your device.

    The keypad/dialer window will load up next.

  2. In the Phone app’s main (dialer/keypad) menu, scroll down to the bottom section then tap the Contacts tab on the rightmost corner.

    Tapping on the tab opens the Contacts menu with a list of all saved contacts on your phone.

  3. Tap on the three dots located on the upper-right side of the Contacts window, right next to the Search (magnifying glass) icon.

    Doing so will open a side menu with a list of options to manage contacts on your phone.

  4. Tap Manage contacts from the given options to continue.

    On the succeeding window, you will see another list of items relevant to contacts management.

  5. Find then tap Import contacts to continue.

    The Import Contacts menu will load up next.

  6. In the Import Contacts screen, you will be asked to specify where you’d like to import your contacts from like Phone or cloud storage.

    Simply tap Phone or cloud storage to proceed.

  7. On the succeeding window, select vCard files that you’d like to import. Simply tap to select the correct file from the given items inside the chosen directory.

    You may need to open a specific directory/folder to access the vCard files to import. Just follow the onscreen instructions to stay on track.

  8. On the following screen, tap to mark the vContacts (vcf) file to import then tap Done at the bottom of the screen.

    You will be routed back to the Import contacts menu with the selected vContacts file already specified in the From section.

  9. To continue, navigate to the To section the select where you would like to import the selected contacts file.

    You may opt to import the contacts to your Samsung account, Google account or phone storage. 

  10. Target storage options may vary depending on the available accounts or storage set up on the phone.

    Select Phone to import contacts to internal sim card storage. Or just tap to mark your preferred destination directory to send/import selected contacts to.

  11. After selecting the desired Import directory/destination storage, tap the Import button to continue.

    Wait for the phone to finish importing the contacts. 

  12. When finished, you will see a message saying that the selected contacts are added to your specified account or phone storage.

    If you see this message, just tap OK at the bottom to proceed. 

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  • Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 4

Importing contacts is now completed and so you’ll be taken back to the Manage contacts menu where you can find and perform other actions to manage contacts on your phone.

Does Importing/Exporting Delete Source Contacts?

You can import contacts from different sources including a SIM card or a vCard file. Importing contacts typically comes in handy when you need to add contacts to your phone from somewhere else without having to add individual contact details.

Importing and Exporting contacts won’t delete any contacts from the source. What happens is that the contacts are simply copied from a source to another destination.

And that’s how you import contacts on the new Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 4 smartphone.

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