How to Use Twitter (2020 Quick Guide)

When it comes to providing great interactions on social media platforms, Twitter has the most potential. This app is now being used by over 330 million users on a monthly basis or around 145 million daily users. If you want to know why Twitter is becoming a trend these days, find out how to use Twitter as you read further. 

Tagged as a microblogging system or social networking site, Twitter allows its users to post short messages on their feed called Tweets. Started in 2006, Twitter has evolved and managed to soar high as one of the top social media apps being used by millions. From simple people to big celebrity names, many are getting hooked by this platform. 

Twitter is now being used by celebrities as it provides them to gain exposure and publicity. This platform has allowed them to promote their events, endorse new product releases or albums, have interviews and express their thoughts. Twitter is a very wide area to get information in a very efficient manner. 

If you’re not familiar yet on how Twitter works, accustom yourself with the Twitter world and learn the basics on how to use this social media platform by reading the information below.

How to Utilize the Twitter Platform in 2020

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Here are the steps on how to use your Twitter app:

  1. Sign in or Sign up on Twitter.

    If this is the first that you’ve downloaded the Twitter app and use it, create an account first. If you’re a returning user, enter your login credentials.

    how to use twitter create account

  2. After a successful login, you can create a Tweet by tapping the + icon at the lower right corner.

    Just type the message that you want to tweet and tap on Tweet at the upper right corner.

    twitter create new tweet

  3. To reply or comment on a tweet, tap the reply icon at the lower portion of the tweet.

    After typing your message, tap on reply.

    twitter reply

  4. To Retweet a content, tap the arrow icon at the bottom part of the tweet.

    You can retweet the message direct or retweet with a comment.

    twitter retweet

  5. Tap the heart icon at the bottom of the tweet to like it.

    The numbers displayed beside the icon are the number of likes of the said tweet.

    twitter like content

  6. To share a Tweet, tap the icon beside the heart icon.

    You can share the Tweet to other people or other social media accounts that you have like Instagram or Snapchat.

    twitter share

  7. To access your profile, tap on your profile icon at the upper left corner.

    You can also perform a  swipe to right action from the left corner of the screen. On your profile, you’ll see options like Settings and Privacy.

    twitter profile

  8. Should you wish to add an account or create a new account, just tap the drop-down icon beside your username.

    Adding a new account will allow you to switch on each account depending on what you want to use.

    twitter add account

  9. To access your Tweets, just tap the username below your profile picture.

    Doing so will allow you to view your recent tweets, edit profile, change display picture and a lot more.

    twitter access profile tweets

  10. To search for the latest trends, click the magnifying glass icon at the lower portion found at the home page.

    You can access search settings by tapping the gear icon at the upper right.

    twitter trend

  11. To check notifications, tap the bell icon beside the magnifying glass icon.

    You can filter notifications by accessing the Settings. Tap the gear icon at the upper right once you’re on the notification center.

    twitter notifications

  12. To check for Messages, tap the mail icon at the lower right corner.

    You can access Message settings by tapping the gear icon at the upper right.

    twitter messages

  13. To manage your home page, tap the icon at the upper right corner.

    You can change how the contents will be shown by tapping on content preferences.

    how to use twitter preferences

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Those are the basic things that you need to know about using Twitter. Though it can be fun to read tweets, interacting with different people from all over the globe and exchanging thoughts, let us be mindful about the words we say on Twitter. There’s always a corresponding responsibility for every action that we have, even on social media sites like Twitter. 

It is better to share positive thoughts, rather than negative ones. I hope that this article has provided you with basic information that you’ll need to know about Twitter. If so, don’t forget to share this article to a friend or colleague who is not familiar with how Twitter works. 

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