How to Turn Airplane Mode On/Off on Google Pixel

To turn airplane mode on/off on Google Pixel phones, access all apps from the Home screen by swiping up. Go to Settings and select Network & Internet. Toggle airplane mode switch to on/off. If turned on, airplane mode is enabled. 

These steps are easy to figure out and you may need to get used to it. Performing an airplane mode often resolves most connectivity related issues such as no signal, Wi-Fi connection errors, slow internet browsing and more. 

Airplane mode is also necessary when travelling to avoid disruption or unnecessary noises that may occur on your device. It is one of the unorthodox procedures that can resolve a lot of issues and provides a useful feature on your phone. 

How to toggle Airplane Mode on the Google Pixel

Airplane mode lets you turn off your cellular network connection so you can use your Google Pixel without the call or texting functions, or to not incur roaming charges abroad. This still lets you enjoy other features such as the Camera or Calendar.

How to toggle airplane mode on or off on your Google Pixel device />

  • Go into Settings > More.
  • Tap on Airplane Mode to toggle function on or off.
  • You will now see an airplane logo in your status bar to indicate Airplane Mode is activated.

You can also access this through the shortcuts on your Google Pixel. Just swipe down from the top screen of your device to access those shortcuts and tap on Airplane Mode.

And that covers our topic for this post. I hope that we helped you know how to turn airplane mode on/off on Google Pixel.

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