How to Soft Reset an iPhone 6s: Help Guide

To soft reset an iPhone 6s, you need to press and hold the Home and Power keys. Then release when the Apple logo appears on the screen. To learn more how this soft reset is properly done, read further.

Soft Reset an iPhone 6s

You might encounter circumstances where your iPhone 6s freezes up and stops responding to any swipe or touches commands. This may be due to random software glitches that affect your phone’s system, preventing it to respond to swipe commands. Minor phone issues like this can be corrected by refreshing the phone’s operating system through a soft reset.

When this happens, and you are unable to restart your iPhone, you can use the following method to force a restart.

Note this does not erase anything from your iPhone. It simply turns it off then back on again:

    • Press and hold both the Power and Home buttons simultaneously for at least 10 seconds.
    • Once you see the Apple logo, you can let go of both buttons.
    • Your phone should now turn back on normally.

In the event that your phone won’t restart when pressing both keys, there might be something wrong with your device. It might be acting up due to hardware issues. Being said, you need to contact Apple Support or visit your nearest local office to have a technician checked your iPhone.

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