How to perform Reset all settings on iPhone 11 [Tutorial]

Having yourself acquainted with reset all settings on iPhone 11 and other basic resets is of great importance. Because owning a high-end iOS device provides you no guarantee of having a bug-free device. There may be times that your phone will behave erratically and there is no way of getting out from these troubles, but having to deal with these errors by yourself.

Apple’s iPhone 11, being known for its instinctive excellent interface, is also vulnerable to system glitches. Thus, it is important to equip yourself with the basic resets that you can utilize to fix various iOS device issues. Mapped out below are fundamental information about the reset all settings functions; how it is being performed, and when to carry out this reset. Read further and learn the basics.

What is reset all settings on iPhone 11 and when to use this reset

Reset all settings addresses most of the minor system glitches on iPhone 11 like network connectivity issues, Bluetooth pairing issues, cellular network errors, unable to send or receive text messages, misbehaving apps, calling issues, and a lot more. Doing reset all settings reset will clear out minor system glitches along with those erratic phone settings that may have triggered the phone issues to become visible. The process wipes out all the customized settings without deleting important content saved in your phone’s internal memory like personal data, installed apps, saved photos and videos, calendars, messages, contacts, and other critical files. Hence, all saved preferred network and configured settings like Wi-Fi network information like password, Bluetooth connections or paired devices, General (location warnings and keyboard dictionary), Privacy, and Sounds (notification sound alerts) will be deleted. 

Is creating a back-up for your data necessary prior to performing reset all settings?

Your apps and critical content saved on your phone’s memory will remain intact after doing an all settings reset on your iPhone 11 device. Thus, a back-up is no longer necessary. As mentioned, this reset will not cause to a complete data loss unlike factory or master reset. 

How to reset your iPhone 11 using Reset all settings option

Reset all settings can only be performed through your phone’s menu settings. Therefore, this reset is not applicable when you are having screen display issues like frozen screen, not responding phone, blank or blank screen, and the rest of the screen display issues. Reset all settings is only intended to fix phone issues triggered by minor system glitches and invalid settings configuration or if you just simply want to delete all the customized settings on your device. Once the reset all settings is done, your phone’s settings will be restored to default. Follow the steps below to perform reset all settings on your iPhone 11 device:

Step #1. From your Home screen, launch or open the Settings app.

Step #2. Select General.

Step #3. Scroll down to and tap on Reset.

Step #4. Then select Reset all settings from the given options.

Step #5. If prompted, enter your device passcode and then continue.

Step #6. Then select the option to confirm settings all reset all your iPhone 11 device.

Note: Be careful not to select Erase all content and settings instead of Reset all settings option. Or else, you will end up losing all your critical files especially if you haven’t backed up your phone with either iCloud or iTunes.

The reset all settings may take not more than 10 minutes to be completed. Once done, your phone will reboot by itself and restores the phone settings to default values and options. By then, you can start configuring the settings again according to your preference and enable necessary features to use them again. And if you are doing the reset all settings to clear out a phone issue, make sure to check if the problem has already been corrected.

The occurrence of phone errors is definitely inescapable. But with the given walk through on how to perform reset all settings on your iPhone 11 device, you may need not to worry about these flaws as you are now equipped on how to address such issues. To know more about other reset options, you can also read: iPhone 11: basic system reset and restore guides

And that’s all about reset all settings. I hope you learn something from this post. If you find this article relevant, please don’t hesitate to share it with your friends and family who might also need this information. Thank you for reading!