How to Block or Hide Number on the iPhone 7

Enabling the caller ID feature will show your phone number whenever you call someone. Disabling this feature will block or hide number on the iPhone 7. For a detailed process on who to make your iPhone 7 phone number private, learn the process as you read further. 


If you’re looking to hide your number from an outgoing call on your iPhone 7 so the person receiving the call does not get your number, you can do so in a much simpler way than dialing *69. Here is how to block your number on iphone:

  • Go to Settings > Phone and tap on Show My Caller ID.
  • Simply turn OFF “Show My Caller ID”.

You can now place outgoing calls and your number will be hidden or shown as “Private Number”.

But be reminded that this feature is carrier-dependent. To verify if your network provider allows disabling of the caller ID feature, feel free to contact them and verify the matter.

Thank you so much for reading this post. I hope that you’re able to find the necessary information on how to block or hide number on the iPhone 7.

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