How to Hide Number When Calling From Outgoing Calls on an iPhone

You can always conceal your number as a private number by accessing phone settings and toggle the Caller ID option. For a more detailed guide and more information, read further to learn how to hide number when calling from outgoing calls on an iPhone.

Hiding your Caller ID when placing an outgoing might benefit you. It will allow you to have privacy and avoid getting unnecessary calls from someone you don’t know. 

Concealing your number when making a call will provide an ease of mind that no one will be able to acquire it without your permission. 


If you’re looking to hide your number from an outgoing call on your iPhone so the person receiving the call does not get your number, you can do so in a much simpler way than dialing *69. Here is how you can hide your outgoing Caller ID on your iPhone:

  • Go to Settings > Phone and tap on Show My Caller ID.
  • Simply turn OFF “Show My Caller ID” .

You can now place outgoing calls and your number will be hidden or shown as “Private Number”.

Though this feature is an available option on your iPhone, some carrier provider might not support it. That means that even when it is activated, your number might still show up when placing an outgoing call.

For further details about the availability of this service, you may contact your network provider and verify if they support private calling options.

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