How to fix iPhone XS Max that keeps losing WiFi signal after iOS 13

400″>Losing WiFi signal on iOS device is almost equivalent to not having a phone service. This is true for many iOS users as most phone apps and services require a stable internet connection to work. Thus, a sudden loss of WiFi signal after iOS 13 isn’t that good experience at all. If you are one of the many users who are experiencing the same issue after installing iOS 13 update on iPhone XS Max device, read on to learn how to address the issue.

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Why iPhone keeps losing WiFi signal after iOS 13?

Post-update bugs are the most common trigger we can think of since the issue started after the iOS 13 implementation. However, there are still other factors that might have affected the WiFi functions on your iOS device such as firmware errors on wireless router/modem, misconfigured network settings, network connectivity issues, random software glitches, and temporary service outage. Luckily, all of these factors are rectifiable on our end except for the temporary service outage. Let’s check on the listed workarounds below and start fixing your iPhone XS Max that keeps losing WiFi signal after iOS 13.

First solution: Restart (power cycle) your wireless modem/router.

Firmware crashes on router/modem greatly affect the WiFi connection on your iOS device. The most basic fix you can try is to restart or power cycle the router/modem. Here’s how:

  1. Locate the router’s Power button and press to turn the equipment off.
  2. While the router/modem is off, unplug the AC adapter from the power source or outlet.
  3. After about 1 minute, plug the AC adapter back into the power source and then press the Power button again to turn the wireless modem/router back on.

Wait until the signal indicators become stable. Once your phone is already connected to the network, check if the signal has improved. If your iPhone XS Max still keeps losing WiFi signal, head on to the next solution.

Second solution: Restart your iPhone XS Max. (soft reset)

Your phone’s wireless functions might have been inflicted by minor software glitches being transpired from the iOS 13 update. To rule this out, simply refresh your phone’s operating system by restarting the device. Here’s what you need to do:

  1. Press and hold the Side/Power button and either Volume Up/Down button simultaneously.
  2. When the Slide to Power Off command appears, release both buttons.
  3. Drag the power off slider to the right to turn of the iPhone device.
  4. After 30 seconds, press and hold the Side/Power button until the phone boots up again.

Once your iPhone XS Max is completely back on, connect to your preferred network and see if your phone is no longer losing WiFi signal. If the WiFi signal is still unstable, try the next method.

Third solution: Refresh the wireless internet connection on your iPhone XS Max.

Minor flaws from the recent iOS update can be cleared out by refreshing your phone’s wireless functions. And this can be done by turning the WiFi feature off and then on again. Here’s how: 

  1. Go to Settings from the Home screen.
  2. Select WiFi.
  3. Toggle the switch to turn the feature off.
  4. Restart (soft reset) while WiFi is off.
  5. Then head back to Settings->WiFi and tap the switch to turn the feature back on.

Alternatively, you may also perform the Airplane Mode trick to refresh your phone’s wireless connection. When your phone is on Airplane Mode, all the phone’s wireless radios will be turned off at once. Then the wireless connection and the rest of the services will be restored once the Airplane Mode is switched off again. Should you want to proceed, here are the steps:

  1. Select Settings from Home.
  2. Tap Airplane Mode menu.
  3. Toggle the switch to turn the feature on.
  4. Restart (soft reset) your iPhone device while on Airplane Mode.
  5. Go back to Settings->Airplane Mode and then tap the switch again to disable the feature.

Afterwards, connect iPhone XS Max to your preferred network. Once connected, launch your browser or any online apps to check your WiFi connection.

Fourth solution: Delete/Forget WiFi network to fix iPhone XS Max that keeps losing WiFi signal after iOS 13.

Corrupted WiFi network after iOS 13 can result dropping of WiFi signal and up to no internet connection at all. To rule this out, remove the network from your phone’s system and then rejoin. Here are the steps:

  1. From Home, tap Settings.
  2. Select WiFi menu.
  3. Toggle the switch to enable the feature. Otherwise, tap the “i” information icon next to your WiFi network’s name.
  4. Tap Forget This Network option.

Follow the onscreen prompts to confirm the deletion of your wireless network. If there are multiple saved wireless networks, delete all of them as well using the given steps. Once all saved wireless networks are deleted, restart (soft reset) your iPhone XS Max to make sure that all cache files from the corrupted wireless networks will be completely eliminated. Then head back to Settings->WiFi menu to set up and connect to your network again.

Fifth solution: Reset network settings on your iPhone XS Max.

If your iOS device still keeps losing WiFi signal, try performing a network settings reset. By doing this, current network settings that might have automatically changed after the recent iOS update will be deleted; restoring them to default values and options. All information for both WiFi networks and Bluetooth connections will likewise be deleted. So ensure that you know your wireless network password by heart before doing this process. If you are ready, here are the steps:

  1. From the Home screen, launch the Settings app.
  2. Select General.
  3. Scroll to and tap Reset.
  4. Select Reset network settings from the options.
  5. If prompted, enter your device passcode to continue.
  6. Then select the option to confirm network settings reset.

Your phone will reboot automatically after the reset and loads the original network settings once back on. Being said, proceed to re-enable your WiFi feature to set-up and reconnect to your preferred wireless network. 

Other options: 

Enable WiFi Assist. Your WiFi internet connection will tend to drop when having weak WiFi signal.To get your phone still connected to the internet even having a weak WiFi signal, enable WiFi Assist option on your device. Doing so will automatically use your cellular data when the WiFi connection becomes weak. Thus, keeping your phone connected to the internet. Go to Settings->Cellular->WiFi assist.

Disable VPN. If you are using a VPN connection on your iPhone device to bypass blocks imposed on your connection, we recommend having it disabled. This is because VPN can often interfere with your wireless internet connection. Simply launch the VPN app and find the settings to disable it. If are having a hard time doing it from the VPN app, you can also disable it through the settings menu on your phone. Head to Settings->General->VPN and then toggle the switch to turn it off. 

Reset all settings. Deleting all the customized settings on your phone can also help fix the WiFi signal that keeps losing issue on your iOS 13 iPhone XS Max. If the issue has not been resolved up to this point, then give this option a try and see the result. To do so, just head to Settings->General->Reset->Reset all settings and follow the onscreen prompts to confirm the reset. This option won’t cause data loss just like the reset network settings, so creating a back-up for your saved files wouldn’t be necessary.

Factory reset. Fixing the WiFi signal issue on your iPhone XS Max can be troublesome if you are dealing with tough or complicated post-update bugs. If the problem still persists up to this point, then you have no choice but to opt to this drastic method which is to wipe everything from your iOS device. If the losing saved files on your phone’s device is also tantamount to resolving the losing WiFi signal issue on your iOS 13 iPhone XS Max, then this option is worth a try. Nevertheless, you can still back-up your files to either iCloud or iTunes before doing a factory reset. Anytime you’re ready, just head to Settings->General->Reset->Erase all content and settings and then follow the onscreen prompts to confirm the factory reset.

Contact network service provider. If your iPhone XS Max continues to loss WiFi signal, we suggest contacting your internet service provider for further assistance.

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