How to fix iPhone XS App Store not working after iOS 13.3

Apple has its very own app to where you can download and install ample of amazing applications. This app is maintained by Apple itself. This server-based application is called the Apple Store. However, no matter how stable this app can be, it is still vulnerable to glitches. When the iOS 13.3 was rolled out, a lot of iPhone XS users complained regarding the App Store that is not working after installing the latest iOS update.fix app or apple store not on iPhone XS running iOS 13.3 working

The iPhone XS App store won’t download apps, and others said that the app won’t load at all. In this post, we will help you fix App Store problem on your iOS 13.3 iPhone XS. We will also determine the possible causes of this app store issue. Read on and carefully follow the procedures, and hopefully you will be able to fix the Apple Store on your iPhone XS device.

Troubleshooting iPhone XS App Store not working after iOS 13.3

Before you start troubleshooting your iPhone XS device, see to it that there is no on-going server issue affecting the Apple Store. Simply visit the Apple Support status page to check the server status. In the event that the Apple Store server is up, then this is the reason why the App Store is not working. Thus, you can proceed with troubleshooting your iOS device to fix this Apple Store issue. Otherwise, you just need to wait until the server maintenance is up and see if the App Store has been restored. 

Given that the App Store is up but still won’t load or not working at all, check out the list of solutions below that you can use in troubleshooting App Store error. 

First solution: Quit standby apps including the Apple Store (App Store).

It is possible that the App Store was left running in the background, even after installing the latest iOS 13.3 version. Thus, this led the App Store to become rouge and exhausted. If this is the underlying for the app to quit working as intended, clearing the app and the rest of the running background apps will likely fix the App Store problem. Once you quit all the standby apps (background apps), restart App Store and see if the issue is fixed. Here is how you quit and restart the App Store:

  1. On your Home screen, swipe your finger upward starting from the bottom and then slightly pause until the App Switcher appears.
  2. Swipe left or right to find the App Store preview or card.
  3. Then swipe up the App Store preview to quit or close the app.
  4. Do the same to the rest of the background apps. Closing all other background apps will prevent any of them from getting exhausted. Thus, avoiding any of the apps from conflicting with the App Store.

After you have successfully closed all the apps that were left running in the background or what we called “standby apps”, restart or relaunch the App Store to check if it has been resumed to its working state. If not, try the next possible solution.

Second solution: Restart your iPhone XS to fix App Store problem after iOS 13.3 update.

Weird bugs and minor software glitches could have prevented the App Store to work as intended after the new system implementation. Thus, eliminating these factors by restarting your iOS device may help fix the App Store problem. There are two different ways to restart an iPhone XS device. The first one is soft reset, and the second option is a force restart (hard reboot). Both options provide identical outputs; which is to refresh the phone’s system by dumping out saved cache files from the phone’s internal memory, and clear out unwanted bugs that may have inflicted the App Store’s system. A phone back-up is not necessary when you carry out either of these options as neither of them results in a complete data loss. To soft reset your iPhone XS device, follow these steps:

  1. Simultaneously press and hold the Side or Power button and either Volume Up or Down button for a few seconds.
  2. Release both buttons when the Slide to Power Off command appears on the screen.
  3. Then drag the power off slider to the right to shut down your iPhone XS device.
  4. Leave it off for at least 30 seconds. Then, press and hold the Side or Power button and release the button once the Apple logo appears on the screen.

Alternatively, you can also give your phone a quick and clean start by performing a force restart. This method is also ideal when your screen display is acting up, not responding to taps, or does not recognize screen commands. As there are times that your iPhone screen will lag or freeze when having apps issues. In case the soft reset is not applicable as the screen becomes unresponsive due to the App Store problem you are having, then refresh your phone’s system by carrying out a force restart. Here are the things you need to do:

  1. Press and then quickly release the Volume Up button.
  2. Press and then quickly release the Volume Down button.
  3. Lastly, press and hold the Side or Power button and release once the Apple logo appears on your screen.

Wait until your iPhone XS boots up completely. Then reconnect to Wi-Fi when necessary and launch the App Store again. If the Apple Store is not loading or it remains not working, try the next applicable solution.

Third solution: Refresh internet connection to fix App Store not working on iPhone XS after iOS 13.3.

App Store is an app that requires a stable and excellent internet connection. Hence, it may have stopped working because your phone’s internet network connection has been flawed after the iOS update. To rule this out, simply turn off your Wi-Fi internet shortly and then turn it back on to refresh your network connection. Here is how:

  1. From the Home screen, launch the Settings app.
  2. Select Wi-Fi menu.
  3. Toggle the switch to disable the feature.
  4. While it is off, restart (soft reset) your iPhone XS.
  5. Then head back to Settings->Wi-Fi menu and toggle the switch again to re-enable the feature.

On the other hand, you can also refresh your iPhone’s internet connection and the rest of its wireless radios by turning the Airplane Mode on and off again. This fix is deemed to effectively resolve various connectivity errors on iOS device. You can manage this feature through your iPhone’s settings menu or by launching the Control Center. If you opt for the first option, here is how:

  1. Open the Settings app from the Home screen.
  2. Select Airplane Mode.
  3. Toggle the switch to enable the feature. Doing so will prevent your iPhone acquiring signal from the network tower. Thus, signal transmission has been interrupted when Airplane Mode is on.
  4. While your iPhone XS is on Airplane Mode, perform a soft reset.
  5. Then go back to Settings->Airplane Mode menu and tap the switch to disable the feature.

Wait until your phone re-establishes its wireless radios including Wi-Fi internet connection. Then open the App Store again and see if the app problem is already fixed.

Fourth solution: Sign out from iTunes & App Store and sign in again.

The recent iOS update may have compromised your Apple account and led it to misbehave. If the underlying cause is with your account itself, signing out and in again can also help resolve the App Store problem. Follow these steps:

  1. Go to Settings from Home.
  2. Select iTunes & App Store option.
  3. Tap on your Apple ID. (email account)
  4. Then select Sign Out from the given options.

Once you have successfully signed out from your iTunes & Apple account, restart your iPhone XS. Then head back to Settings->iTunes & App Store->Apple ID and sign in again. Then launch App Store to make sure that it is already working again.

Fifth solution: Reset network settings to fix App Store problem on your iPhone XS after installing iOS 13.3 update.

Online apps failure like App Store not working problem can be tied to complex network connectivity issues.  Thus, resetting your phone’s network settings to default can be of help. This reset does not result in a complete data loss so there is no need for you to back-up your iPhone with either iCloud or iTunes. If this is the first time you will be doing network settings reset on your iPhone XS device, follow these steps:

  1. Open the Settings app from the Home screen.
  2. Select General.
  3. Scroll down to and tap on Reset.
  4. Then select Reset network settings from the given options.
  5. Enter your device passcode when asked, and then continue.
  6. Then select the option to confirm network settings reset on your iPhone XS device.

Your iPhone will reboot by itself after the reset, and restores the default network settings configurations. By then, you need to set up your Wi-Fi network again and then reconnect. Once your iPhone has already acquired internet connection from your wireless network, open the App Store to ensure that the problem has been addressed by the trick. If not, continue troubleshooting your iPhone XS.

Last option: Master or factory reset your iPhone XS to fix App Store that is not working after installing iOS 13.3 update.

If you fail to fix the App Store issue using the given solutions above, you might be dealing with major software issues and complex iOS bugs. Thus, a more-advanced solution is needed and restoring your iPhone to factory default settings can be considered as your option. Since this method will wipe everything from your iPhone’s internal memory including all your critical files, you need to back-up your iPhone device with either iCloud or iTunes. Once everything is set, carry out the master or factory reset using the following steps:

  1. From your Home screen, launch the Settings app.
  2. Select General.
  3. Scroll down to and tap Reset.
  4. Select the option Erase all content and settings.
  5. If prompted, enter your iPhone device passcode and then continue.
  6. Then select the option to confirm factory reset on your iPhone device.

Wait until the process has been completed, and then follow the onscreen prompts to set up your iPhone XS as new again. By then, you can proceed to re-enable features to use them again including Wi-Fi. Your preferred network has also been deleted, so you need to re-setup your Wi-Fi network to reconnect. Once you already an internet connection on your iPhone, launch the App Store and see if everything is on the right track. 

Is Apple Store isn’t working still after exhausting all the troubleshooting procedures above?

If you are still dealing with App Store issue on your iPhone XS up to this point, you also have the option to manage your apps using iTunes. This option will require you to have either a Mac or a Windows computer with the latest iTunes software installed.

Once these prerequisites are met, connect your iPhone XS to the computer using the Apple supplied USB cable or Lightning cable. Then wait until iTunes recognizes your iPhone XS device. By then, you can check for and install pending apps updates, install new apps, and/or uninstall unwanted apps.

But if this option isn’t that convenient to use and you want to manage everything from your iPhone’s App Store, then you can escalate the issue to Apple Support. By contacting them, you will be provided with more advanced-solutions to address the App Store problem you are having on your iPhone XS device.