How To Find iPhone When Dead

There are some ways to find a lost iPhone even if it’s offline or dead already. Apple has already thought of it and security features have been added to its system to locate a missing iPhone. However, make sure that you know your Apple ID and password as you will be using that to track the missing device. It is not just any Apple ID, it should be the one that you set up on your missing iPhone, otherwise, it won’t work.

Fortunately, Apple’s Find My service is very useful in finding Apple Devices, especially if they still have power and are still connected to the Internet. But even in the case of a dead iPhone, it might still work.

Find Dead iPhone Using

Estimate Cost : 0

Time Needed : 4 minutes

The reason why is the first service we suggest you use in locating your Apple device is because you can access it on any device you have. As long as you have your Apple ID and password with you, the service is most likely to work. So here's how you do it:

  1. Open a web browser and log on to

    When the page loads, you will know immediately what to do as it doesn't show anything but a field where you enter your Apple ID.
    find dead iphone 1

  2. Key in your Apple ID and password.

    You will have to enter the ID first, and then a new field will appear for your password. If you enabled the 2 Factor Authentication, you're gonna need a code.
    find dead iphone 2

  3. Once you've successfully logged in, look for Find iPhone app icon and click or tap on it.

    This app's gonna help you find your Apple devices.
    find dead iphone 3

  4. It will start locating your iPhone and it might take a few seconds to a minute to find it.

    Once finished, it will display the location of your iPhone on a map.
    find dead iphone 4

  5. You can then change the map by clicking on the icon at the tap-right corner of the screen.

    Use Hybrid or Satellite to have a more detailed map.
    find dead iphone 5

  • Find My app
  • iPhone

In most cases, this is the only thing you need to do to find a lost iPhone.

Find Lost iPhone Using A Mac

People that own an iPhone oftentimes have other Apple devices and are actually logged in to these devices using the Apple ID and if that’s the case, it’s actually a lot easier to find a lost iPhone. Assuming you have a Mac, here’s what you should do:

  1. Click on the Launchpad.
  2. Look for Find My and click on it.
  3. Once the app opens, it will immediately look for your devices and display them on the map.

If the iPhone is dead, then what you should be seeing on your screen is the last known location of your device. It might still be in that area or it’s possible that somebody found it. In such a case, the location might change once the device is powered on and has connected to the Internet.

Find Dead iPhone Using Another iPhone

Just like in the previous method, it will be easier to find your lost iPhone if you have another iPhone where you’re logged in with the same Apple ID. But even that’s not the case, if the iPhone belongs to a group member, you can still make it work. Here’s how:

Step 1: From the Home screen, swipe left to view more apps.

find dead iphone 6

Step 2: Look for Find My and tap on it once found.

find dead iphone 7

Step 3: If you’re logged in to the same Apple ID, then it will show you your iPhone’s location. You can then proceed to retrieving it.

find dead iphone 8

Step 4: However, if it’s owned by a different user, then tap Me at the bottom-right corner of the screen.

find dead iphone 9

Step 5: Scroll all the way down and tap Help a Friend.

find dead iphone 10

Step 6: You will be redirected to the log in page.

Step 7: So log in with your own Apple ID and password and then tap Find My.

That will show you where your iPhone’s last location is.

Find iPhone Lost Inside The House

In a situation where you forgot where you left your phone inside your home and if it’s still powered on and has Internet connection, then you can easily find it by making it ring. Here’s how it’s done:

  1. Open the Find My app on any device that has it, or access it via on any laptop or computer.
  2. Once your misplaced iPhone is displayed on a map, tap or click on the lost Phone icon.
  3. If you’re using Find My on, click on the information icon.
  4. Now click on Play Sound.

Your iPhone will then start playing a sound. Locate where the sound is coming from and you can find your iPhone there.

The Find My iPhone feature on Apple devices is one of the most useful security features you should take advantage off. There are certain ways to prevent your devices from getting lost permanently. Aside from that, you can also use an Apple Watch to help you find your Apple devices if you have one.


  1. How accurate is the Find iPhone feature?

    The accuracy of the Find My service on any Apple device depends on whether your iPhone is still powered on and is still connected to the Internet. However, if your iPhone is already dead, then the last known location of your iPhone is the one that it sent when it has low battery.
    But even if your iPhone is still shown on the map, it will still take time finding its exact location. However, if it's just inside the house, then you really don't have to worry about it too much because you know that someone will still be able to find it as long as the device never leaves your home.
    For an iPhone that's still powered on, you can also just dial the number associated with it so you can easily find it when it rings.

  2. Can mobile data help in finding my iPhone?

    Sure, it can.
    In the absence of Wi-Fi connection, your iPhone will automatically connect to a mobile data network to have an Internet connection. If such a service is enabled prior to losing your iPhone, then you can use it to find your device, provided that it's left in an area where there is a coverage.
    Finding any lost mobile phone can become easier if the device is powered on and has a connection. So we suggest that if you're outside your phone, enable mobile data so that you can easily locate your phone if you lost it.

  3. How long will my iPhone last?

    The length of time that your iPhone stays online or powered on depends on how much battery is left when you lose it. That's why it's important to immediately try to find a misplaced iPhone the moment you noticed it's not in your purse or bag.
    Even if your device has around 10% battery left, you still has an hour or two of finding it and making it ring before it runs out of battery.

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