How To Display Battery Percentage on Samsung Galaxy S21 | Android 11

This post highlights easy steps to display battery percentage on Samsung Galaxy S21 and other Samsung phones with the latest Android or One UI version. Read on for more detailed instructions.

Keeping track of the remaining battery percentage on your phone will help you gauge how long it would last. That said, keeping the battery percentage shown on the status bar of your phone is imperative as it gives you a heads-up of how much battery is left.

If you own a Galaxy S21 smartphone and it doesn’t show the battery percentage on the status bar, then you will need to manually configure your device settings to make this information appear on the status bar.

Android Status Bar Overview

The top-most segment of your phone’s display is called the status bar. By default, the Android status bar contains the key icons that help you monitor the current status of your device. The icons on the right typically tell about your phone’s current battery level and network connection.

Galaxy S21 Status Bar Icons

Every Samsung Galaxy smartphone is designed with a status bar consisting of critical icons that provide information about the current status of your phone. Each icon or indicator represents the status of a specific feature. 

The default status bar icons in newer Samsung Galaxy devices typically include network status icons, volume controls, location and battery. 

Available indicator icons may however appear differently depending on the service provider or device model.

If the option to show battery percentage is disabled, then your device will only show the battery status icon without the current battery percentage. In case you don’t prefer this kind of setup, then just alter your device settings to display the current percentage level of the remaining battery.

To give you some input, I’ve mapped out a step-by-step guide on how to show the battery percentage on the Galaxy S21.

Easy Steps to Display Battery Percentage on Samsung Galaxy S21

Depicted below are two methods to show the battery percentage on the Galaxy S21 status bar based on the phone’s current battery life.

These procedures are also applicable to other Samsung Galaxy smartphones with the same Android/One UI version with that of the S21 series.

Actual screens and menu items may slightly vary between device models and carriers. 

Feel free to refer to any of these methods when needed.

First Method: Through the Advanced Notification Settings Menu

The following steps will let you display the exact battery percentage through the Galaxy S21’s advanced notification settings.

Step 1: To get started, tap Settings from the Home screen or Apps viewer to open the Settings app.
Step 2: While on the Settings app menu, tap Notifications. Relevant options will load up on the next screen.
Step 3: From the Notifications menu, scroll down and then tap Advanced settings. More advanced settings will be displayed.
Step 4: Find the option to Show battery percentage and then tap to turn on the switch next to it. Doing so will promptly show the battery percentage beside the battery icon on the status bar.

Second Method: Through the Battery and Device Care Menu

The following steps will let you display the battery percentage level through the Galaxy S21’s battery and device care menu.

Step 1: Go to Settings-> Battery and Device care menu. This menu contains the preloaded device management features including battery, storage, memory and device protection.
Step 2: Tap Battery to proceed. The battery menu opens with additional information and power-management features.
Step 3:To continue , tap More battery settings. Doing so will launch another menu containing additional battery settings and features.
Step 4: Locate Show battery percentage from the given options and then tap to turn on the switch next to it. When the switch turns blue, it indicates that the battery percentage level is already visible on the status bar.

And that’s all about showing the battery percentage information on the Galaxy S21 status bar.

With this setting, it will be easier for you to figure how long your phone could last based on the battery percentage it’s showing. You can likewise use this information to decide when to put your phone in power saving mode.

Hope this helps!

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