How to Block Calls and Texts on a Sony Xperia Z

You can easily block calls and texts on a Sony Xperia Z by accessing the phone app on your device. This feature is essential for those who want some privacy and needs to block a specific number or persons from contacting them. 

For more information about the process, read further as I have mapped out the details and procedures below.


Blocking incoming calls and text from a Number:

Blocking text messages and phone calls on any Sony Xperia Z smartphone is done by checking “All calls to voicemail” in that number’s contact settings. It is important to note that some Sony Xperia Z smartphones do not have the functionality to block SMS, and this procedure will only block calls. Here are the steps on how to do that:

  • Open the “Contacts” app.
  • Add the number you want to block as a contact.
  • Select the name of the contact that you wish to block.
  • Tap the pencil icon to edit the contact.
  • Press the “Menu” icon depicting three vertical dots.
  • Tap to select “All calls to Voicemail“. 

Unblocking calls  and texts from a Number:

  • Open the “Contacts” app.
  • Select the name of the contact that you wish to unblock.
  • Tap “Menu” and make sure “All calls to Voicemail” is unchecked. 

I hope that you are able to find the necessary information and is able to block calls and texts on a Sony Xperia Z smartphone. Thank you so much for reading this post.

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