How to Block Calls and SMS on a Microsoft Lumia

To block calls and SMS on a Microsoft Lumia device, simply head to your phone’s settings menu. For a step-by-step procedure to avoid any numbers from sending your SMS or calling you, check the guide below.

Block Calls and SMS on a Microsoft Lumia

Phone owners have the ability to block, screen, and reject incoming calls from specific phone numbers. The feature can be free of charge or requires a monthly fee, depending on the telephone service provider you are currently subscribing to. Thus, call and SMS blocking is essential to individuals who wish to block unwanted callers.

Shown below are some of the methods you can use to block any phone numbers.

Blocking incoming calls and SMS from a Number:

    • Go to Settings > call + SMS filter
  • Turn On Block calls + SMS and tap on blocked numbers to add a number to your blacklist.
  • You can also tap advanced and turn on block withheld numbers to block unknown callers.
  • To get notifications for block calls and messages, tap advanced and then toggle on Notifications switch.

In case you are unable to block phone numbers on your Microsoft Lumia, or you are still getting SMS and calls from blacklisted phone numbers, you may contact your telephone service provider for further assistance and recommendations. Most telco providers offer this feature for free, but there are some that will require you to pay for the feature to get activated.

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