Google Search Bar Android Not Working on Nexus Smartphone

Google search bar has been providing great assistance to android smartphone users whenever they want to do some research using their phone. But a google search bar android not working might hinder you from using this feature. If you’re one of the Nexus smartphone users who is experiencing the same problem, read this post. 

Good internet connection is needed for certain functionalities on your smartphone to work properly. Your phone may exhibit connectivity-related concerns such as failing to search the web using the built-in Google search bar if it is not getting sufficient internet connection or if your connection is having some difficulties. 

Before you troubleshoot the google search bar not working on your Nexus device, make sure that the internet is not having some errors or issues. Try checking with other smartphones that are connected to the same network and see if they can browse the web or use Google search. 

If they’re able to do so, feel free to follow the recommendations that I have listed below to fix the Google search bar android not working problem on your Nexus smartphone. 


If your Google Search bar isn’t working on your Nexus, then this is most likely due to a software issue. Follow the steps below to get your Google Search bar working again on your  Nexus:

    • Try turning your Nexus completely off, waiting 10 seconds and turning back on 
    • If that didn’t fix it, the next step is to “Clear the Cache” of the Google App. This will fix the issue but will also reset your Nexus home screen, so you will have to customize it all over again (Apps, Widgets, Wallpaper etc…)
      • Go to Settings > Apps.
      • Swipe right until you land on the “All” tab and look for the Google App.
      • You will see the window below.
      • Tap on Force Stop.
      • Tap on Clear Cache.
      • Tap on Manage Space and select the bottom option “Clear all Data”.
      • Your homescreen will now be reset but the Google Search widget will work again.
  • Try enabling and disabling the airplane mode feature on  your device. This process will eventually refresh all radio connections on your smartphone and might fix the google search bar android not working problem. 
  • If the above step did not work for you, the next step is to factory reset your Nexus smartphoneFor a step-by-step guide on how to backup and restore your Nexus click here.

I hope that the issue on your Nexus device has been resolved by the steps on this post. If not, you may reach out to Nexus support and ask for official recommendation on how to deal with Google search bar error.

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