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Getting Started
  • Understanding iPhone 11 buttons, features and getting to know the back side
  • Setting up iPhone 11 manually as a new device
  • Setting up iPhone 11 with Quick Start
  • Inserting and removing the nano SIM card on iPhone 11
  • Unlocking iPhone 11 screen
  • Changing the language of iPhone 11
  • Charging iPhone 11
Settings, Maintenance & Security
  • Accessing settings on iPhone 11
  • Signing in and out of your Apple ID on iPhone 11
  • Resetting your Apple ID password on iPhone 11
  • Removing a device from your Apple ID on iPhone 11
  • Turning passcode on on iPhone 11
  • Setting up Face ID on iPhone 11
  • Configuring location settings on iPhone 11
  • Turning Find My iPhone on on iPhone 11
  • Using the Find My app on iPhone 11
  • Checking for and installing system updates on iPhone 11
  • Managing the battery on iPhone 11
  • Managing iPhone's memory on iPhone 11
  • Saving storage by offloading unused apps on iPhone 11
  • Managing open apps on iPhone 11
  • Managing background app refresh on iPhone 11
  • Checking your device's warranty status on iPhone 11
  • Scheduling an Apple Support call on iPhone 11
  • Cancelling a scheduled Apple Support call on iPhone 11
  • Backing up iPhone using iCloud on iPhone 11
  • Upgrading your iCloud storage plan on iPhone 11
  • Force restarting iPhone on iPhone 11
  • Using recovery mode on iPhone 11
  • Resetting network settings on iPhone 11
  • Resetting all settings on iPhone 11
  • Performing a factory reset on iPhone 11
Home screen, Display & Notifications
  • Adding and removing Home screen pages on iPhone 11
  • Adding, Managing and Removing Widgest on iPhone 11
  • Creating folders on iPhone 11
  • Adding a city to your weather feed on iPhone 11
  • Changing the wallpaper on your iPhone 11
  • Customizing the Control Center on your iPhone 11
  • Adjusting your auto-lock and brightness preferences on iPhone 11
  • Scheduling a Night Shift on iPhone 11
  • Turning on Dark Mode on iPhone 11
  • Changing iPhone's name
  • Viewing your notifications on iPhone 11
  • Managing notifications for an app on iPhone 11
  • Turning on LED flash for alerts on iPhone 11
  • Setting iPhone to silent on iPhone 11
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Recent Guides

How to fix Google Pixel 3 XL that is not receiving text messages

By Harold | 2 August 2019

Sending SMS or text messages is one of the basic yet most useful functions of any smartphone. Nonetheless, there are many factors that could make even the simple sending and receiving of text messages become complicated and impossible to complete. Problems like this are inevitable since it involves network attributes. Tackled in this post is

Fix Google Pixel 3 XL with ‘No Service’ error or Emergency Calls only

By Grace | 2 August 2019

This post highlights potential solutions to a common problem on Android devices, particularly on Google Pixel 3 XL. These solutions are used to address the problem on emergency calls only which is often associated with a No service error. If you’ve encountered this same error on the same Google handset, this post will help you.

Google Pixel 3 XL keeps showing virus infection pop-up

By Harold | 18 February 2019

There are times when a dialog box pops up on your screen telling you that your phone is infected. Don’t believe it because more often than not, those pop ups would simply want you to visit a website offering you something that you might be interested in. Sometimes, such pop ups are embedded in some

Text messages displayed in wrong order on Google Pixel 3 XL

By Harold | 18 February 2019

When SMS or text messages are displayed in wrong order on your Google Pixel 3 XL, the problem is actually a minor one and pretty easy to fix. But the thing about it is that even after you fixed it, those messages that were displayed in wrong order will remain as is. New messages that

How to fix Google Pixel 3 XL with mobile data that’s not working?

By Harold | 24 January 2019

Mobile or cellular data is one of the two most common methods used by your Google Pixel 3 XL or any smartphone for that matter, to connect to the Internet. But unlike WiFi, mobile data is more expensive and most of the time your service provider sets a monthly data cap if you don’t have

What to do with your Google Pixel 3 XL with Spotify app that keeps crashing?

By Harold | 17 January 2019

App crashes are supposedly minor issues especially with high-end devices like the Google Pixel 3 XL which seldom runs out of memory. Some users of music streaming app Spotify however, have been complaining about crashes they encounter while listening to music. Some reported to have been getting the error “Unfortunately, Spotify has stopped” which is