Samsung Galaxy S21 Custom Fonts | Changing Font Size and Font Style

Want to change the default font on your new Galaxy S21 smartphone? If so, then you can get started with this quick walkthrough. This post will help you customize or change the default font size and font style on the Samsung Galaxy S21. Read on to learn how to use the Galaxy S21 custom fonts.

Samsung Font Attributes

Modern smartphones already offer various features for users to use whenever they would want to alter the default system interface. Having said that, you can customize your phone to make it look and feel the way you wanted.

New Samsung smartphones like the Galaxy S21 variants do sport these features including custom font. This is indeed good news to those who don’t like to use the default font. All you have to do is to configure the phone settings to render your preferred font face, size and style. 

Customizing the Galaxy S21’s font settings could come in handy if you find the default font size hard to read or see. You can pick a font size or style that would suit your needs, download a new font or use high contrast fonts for visibility enhancements.

New Samsung smartphones use the Samsung Keyboard as the default text input. The Samsung Keyboard menu comprises many different options to customize text input and display. Among the useful tools available include auto-spell check, typing options, theme, mode, handwriting layout, custom symbols and font size, to name some.

Each of these features has its own set of customization options.

How to Create and Use Galaxy S21 Custom Fonts

Fonts are among the customizable features of the Samsung Keyboard. To customize the default fonts on the Galaxy S21, you will need to access the font size and style menu from the Samsung Keyboard settings.

Steps to Access/Change  the Samsung Keyboard Fonts Settings

  • To get started, you access the Apps viewer and then tap the Settings icon to launch the Settings app.
  • While on the main settings menu, scroll to find and then tap General management.
  • On the succeeding menu, scroll down to the Looking for something else section.
  • Then, tap the Font size and style shortcut link. On the succeeding window, you will see the default font style, font face and font size.

A. Changing the Default Font Style

  • While on the Font size and style menu, tap  Font style. Doing so opens the Font style menu with the default font selection.
  • Select any from the given font styles. Just tap to mark the radio button before the font style you like.

The recent changes will immediately be applied in the entire system. A preview is also available for you to gauge how the new font style looks on your phone.

B. Downloading a New Font Style

There is also an option for you to download a new font style, in case you don’t like any of the given options. Most of the downloaded font styles require a one-time purchase but there are also a few that are offered for free.

Downloading new font styles on the Galaxy S21 is carried out through these steps:

  • While on the Font style menu, tap the option to Download Fonts. Doing so will take you straight to the Galaxy Font Store. Here, you will see a number of new font styles to use. 
  • To narrow your search, you can browse new fonts by category such as Top, Top paid, Top free and New.
  • Once you find the desired font style, tap the Download (arrow down) icon next to the name of the font.
  • Wait for the font to finish downloading.
  • Once the download is complete, tap the Arrow back icon on the top-left corner twice to return to the Font style menu. The recently downloaded font style will promptly be added in the existing list. 
  • To use it, simply tap to mark the radio button before the name of the recently downloaded font style.
  • To view the update font style preview, just tap the Arrow back on the top-left corner. 

The recently selected font style will also be used in the entire system. Thus, the font style changes are visible on every screen and menus.

Should you wish to change or use another font style, just repeat the steps to get back to the Font size and style menu and select your preferred font style either from the default selection or through the Galaxy Font Store or Galaxy Store downloads.

C. Changing the Font Face

Most text-editing apps do offer at least three font faces aside from the default (standard font face) including italic, bold and underline. The Samsung keyboard however only offers two and that include standard (normal) and bold face.

  • To use bold or highlighted font faces on your phone, just go back to Settings-> General management-> Font size and style menu and then toggle to turn on the Bold font switch. To switch it back to the standard font face, just toggle the Bold font switch OFF again.

Just look at the preview to see the output or make some changes, if needed.

D. Changing the Font Size

If the default font size is too small for you to read, you can enhance text visibility by adjusting or increasing the font size.

Here’s how:
  • Go back to Settings-> General management-> Font size and style menu.
  • Beneath the screen, you will see the Font size slider. Simply drag the slider left or right to make the font size smaller or bigger.
  • To reduce font size, drag the slider to the left.
  • To increase font size, drag the slider to the right.

Check the preview of the recent changes. If you’re satisfied, keep it as is. Otherwise, repeat the same steps to make necessary adjustments.

Other available options you can use to customize the Galaxy S21 display include high contrast fonts under Visibility enhancements settings.

Just go to Settings-> Visibility enhancements menu and then tap the switch next to High contrast fonts to turn the high contrast feature on.

Using high contrast fonts can make your current font size and style better as the text stand out more.

And that’s all about customizing the Galaxy S21 font style, font face and font size. The aforementioned mentioned methods are also applicable to other Samsung Galaxy phones with the same Android version with the Galaxy S21 variant.

Hope this helps!

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