Here’s What the Galaxy S20 Ultra vs iPhone 11 Pro Max Drop Test Revealed

  • A new drop test by a popular YouTube channel illustrates how the Galaxy S20 Ultra and the iPhone 11 Pro Max fare in a drop test.
  • While the iPhone 11 Pro Max showed more visible damage, its display continued to work long after the Galaxy S20 Ultra was dead.
  • This test further illustrates the need to cover up modern-day smartphones with cases so as to not damage them after a fall.

The Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra and the Apple iPhone 11 Pro Max are two of the best-known smartphones in the market today. So it’s only fair that a drop test between the two is conducted. That’s exactly what YouTube channel PhoneBuff did and well, the results are somewhat surprising given that the Galaxy S20 Ultra is known to be a durable and rugged smartphone.

The test revealed that while the Galaxy S20 Ultra didn’t have any visible blemishes after a while, some of its core features stopped working. The iPhone 11 Pro Max, on the other hand, despite being shattered from both the front and back, managed to run to some degree albeit the rear camera stopped working completely at the conclusion of the test.

So how are these tests conducted? PhoneBuff uses a machine to conduct drop tests, which basically drops phones from a given distance until it has completely broken down.

It must be pointed out that the Galaxy S20 Ultra had less visible damage as compared to the iPhone 11 Pro Max. But since basic functionality is what everyone needs from a smartphone, we consider this drop test a narrow win for Apple’s flagship.

What this also illustrates is that no matter what the manufacturers claim about a smartphone’s durability, it will always find a crack or two when dropped from a distance. This is why It goes without saying that every new smartphone needs to be protected with a protective case or cover. This applies to both the Galaxy S20 Ultra as well as the iPhone 11 Pro Max.

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Source: PhoneBuff

Via: Cult of Mac