How to Force Stop App on Google Pixel 7

This post will walk you through forcibly terminating an application from running on the latest Google Pixel smartphone. Here’s a quick guide to force stop app on Google Pixel 7.

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Time Needed : 3 minutes

Force stop is an Android system command that works by forcibly ending and closing a running application. This command is often used whenever an app encounters an error and suddenly stops responding or working as intended. 

Force stopping an app can be carried out through settings or straight from the Recent apps tab (depending on the device model and operating system).

Depicted below is a step by step process of executing the force stop command on the Google Pixel 7 smartphone. Feel free to refer to this guide whenever you need more detailed instructions.

  1. To get started, swipe up to launch the Apps viewer then tap the Settings app shortcut.

    Just look for the gear-shaped icon then tap on it to get to the main settings menu.

  2. In the settings menu, scroll to find Apps from the given items then tap on it to proceed. The Apps menu opens next.

    Here, you will see all apps you’ve recently used as well as those that are pre-installed and downloaded.

  3. Find then select the app that you’d like to force stop. You can use the quick search function in the Apps menu to speed up your search.

    Once you find the app, tap on it to access the App info menu.

  4. In the App Info screen, you will see more details about the selected application. On the upper portion of the screen, you will see three different options or controls.

    Tap Force Stop on the top-right edge. Doing so opens a pop-up window with a warning message saying something about a chance that the app may misbehave when you force it to stop.

  5. Read (disregard) the quick warning message then tap OK to confirm.

    That should end the app from running and thereby make it all set for a clean relaunch.

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  • Google Pixel 7

Repeat the same steps if you’d like to force stop other apps.

Common App Problems Rectified by a Force Stop

Just like computer programs, smartphone apps also encounter random errors and glitches. When this happens, the app would manifest adverse behavior and suddenly stop working properly. 

To fix the problematic application, closing and restarting it is recommended. However, restarting may not always be possible especially if the app gets stuck or becomes unresponsive. This is where the force stop command comes in handy. 

Since normally closing or restarting isn’t possible since the app is stuck, forcibly ending it is needed. It basically works the same as ending a task in a computer, whenever a certain program becomes unresponsive.

This process does not affect any app-related data so you won’t lose your app’s documents, settings and other files.

However, if the entire system is unresponsive, performing a force restart on the Google Pixel 7 would be necessary. A force restart works the same as the normal system restart/reboot but carried out using the hardware keys as the device is not responding to touch input commands.

And that’s how to force stop an app on the Google Pixel 7 smartphone.

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