How to Force Stop an App on Samsung Galaxy Z Flip4

This post will walk you through terminating an errant application on the new Samsung Galaxy Z flip phone. Here’s a quick guide to force stop an app on Samsung Galaxy Z Flip4.

One UI Force Stop Command

When a computer program is suddenly acting up, the easiest way to get it back up and working properly again is to end then restart the program. This is when you’ll launch the Task Manager and locate the program or system service that’s stuck then execute the End Task command. 

The End task command in computers works the same as the Force Stop command in Android smartphones and tablets.

As the name suggests, force stop will terminate or end an application forcibly. This command is often carried out when dealing with app-related issues including those depicted by symptoms of an application getting stuck, frozen, lagging, and randomly crashing.

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To trigger this command, you will need to access the App info menu on your Android device. Some apps, particularly those that are downloaded from the Play Store and some preloaded apps come with an in-built force stop command while others do not.

Depicted below is a step-by-step walkthrough on how to access and trigger this command on a certain application on the new Samsung Galaxy Z Flip device. Feel free to refer to this guide when needed.

Steps to Force stop an App on Samsung Galaxy Z Flip4

Performing the following steps will help fix a misbehaving app on your Samsung Flip phone. This method is also applicable when forcing rogue apps to stop on other Samsung phones running on Android 12 with One UI 4 and later OS versions.

This process does not affect any app data including logins or user credentials so you won’t lose any important information afterwards. 

Just follow these steps whenever you’re ready.

Step 1: To get started, launch the Settings app by tapping on the Gear icon from the Home screen or Apps tray of your phone. You can also access the Settings icon (shortcut) for Settings on the Quick panel/notification panel.

Step 2: While in the main Settings menu, scroll to find and then tap Apps.  A list of all preloaded apps will load up on the Apps screen.

Step 3: Find then select the app that you’d like to end. You can use the built-in Filter and sort icon then show system apps if needed. Once you find the app, tap on it to access its info screen.

Step 4: In the selected app’s info screen, scroll down to the bottom section then tap Force stop.

Step 5: Read (but disregard) the warning prompt and then tap OK to confirm.

The warning basically tells you about the possibility of the app going rogue if you force it to stop it. Nonetheless, it doesn’t actually turn out that way as the command gives the app a clean fresh start whenever it encounters a random glitch.

Another way to forcibly terminate apps on a Samsung phone is through the Recent apps menu.

To access this menu, you will need to tap on the recent icon located at the bottom right corner of the Home screen. There, you will see previews of all recently running apps including those that are left idle for so long.

To force stop any of these apps, just swipe up on the app’s preview or tap the Close all button to end all running apps at once.

When to Force Stop or Close Running Apps?

Keeping apps open and running in the background may benefit when multitasking between several apps as you don’t have to open every application that you want to use.

All you have to do is navigate through individual app cards and choose which from among the open apps to use.

However, keeping apps open or running in the background for so long may likewise trigger some conflicts in the long run especially when any of them crashes and stops working. Should this happen, there’s a good chance that other apps will become adversely affected then start to glitch.

If any of your apps keeps freezing or your phone itself is suddenly performing sluggishly, chances are that any of your background apps is glitching.

Try to force stop or end all apps running in the background and you’ll see a significant improvement on the system performance.

Hope this helps!

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