Fix Pandora keeps crashing after iOS 13.3 on iPhone XR

Apple is doing its best to redeem itself from its unstable iOS 13 start up, and therefore rolls out iOS 13.3 which is believed to be the last iOS version being rolled out this year. There are lots of good stuff this new iOS offers. From the upgraded screen time controls to bug fixes and patches to fix previous iOS errors. Yet, end-users are still complaining of getting unwanted errors after the update. One of which is the Pandora app crashing issue. Let us see what are the common triggers for this issue to become visible and how we can possibly fix this app crashing issue.

Fixing Pandora keeps crashing on iPhone XR after iOS 13.3

Pandora is a famous free-music streaming app that provides users variety of music content. Like any other third-party apps, this app is vulnerable to glitches during the new system transitioning on iOS device. Minor software glitches, network connectivity errors, and iOS bugs are the possible triggers. Thus, this issue that is due to software-related errors can be fixed easily using the workaround listed below.

First solution: Restart your iPhone XR.

When an app started to act up and keeps crashing after iOS update, it is possible that it is being inflicted by minor software glitches. Such glitches can be eliminated by simply restarting your phone. You can either soft reset or force restart your phone. The first option is ideal if your phone screen has not been affected by the app crashing issue and it remains responsive. While the latter should be utilized when the screen display no longer responds to touches. To soft reset your phone, follow the steps:

  1. Press and hold the Side or Power button and either Volume button simultaneously until the Slide to Power Off command appears.
  2. Then drag the power off slider to the right to initiate equipment shut down.
  3. After 30 seconds, press and hold the Power (side) button again until the Apple logo appears.

Hence, you need to perform a force restart if your phone screen is no longer responding. Here is how you force restart your iPhone XR:

  1. Press and quickly release the Volume Up button.
  2. Press and quickly release the Volume Down button.
  3. Press and hold the Power  button until your iPhone boots up.

These methods provide identical output which is to clear out minor glitches and refreshes the phone’s system. What differs is with how they’re carried out. To check if the Pandora keeps crashing has been corrected, launch the app. If it continues to crash, move on to the next fix.

Second solution: Quit Pandora and the rest of the running background apps.

iOS apps that keeps crashing can sometimes be resulted from simply leaving them on stand-by mode even when not in used. Any apps that are left running in the background for quite some time will become rogue. When this happens, symptoms such as app crashing issues becomes visible. If this is the underlying cause, closing the app from the background will likely to resolve the issue. Here’s what needs to be done:

  1. From your Home screen, swipe your finger up from the bottom and then slightly pause in the middle until the App switcher becomes visible.
  2. Swipe left or right to navigate through the app previews.
  3. Swipe up the Pandora app preview to close the app individually.
  4. We also recommend to close the rest of the background apps to avoid any of them from conflicting with Pandora, and also to prevent your phone from incurring further errors because of these running background apps.

After removing all the running background apps, restart (soft reset) your iPhone XR to make sure that cache files from these apps will be completely dumped out. Thereof, refreshing your phone’s internal memory. Check if the issue on your iPhone XR has been fixed.

Third solution: Check for and install pending apps updates.

If you fail to correct the issue using the given solutions above, might as well install apps updates on your iOS device. Doing so will help all your third-party apps to cope up with your phone’s recent platform, preventing any of them from acting up. Thus, redeeming the app’s workable state. If you didn’t set up your in-apps to automatically update, you can manually check for and install apps updates using these steps:

  1. From the Home screen, launch the App Store.
  2. Scroll down to and tap Today menu.
  3. Select your profile icon.
  4. Then scroll down to the Updates section to see the list of pending apps updates. Refresh the page by dragging the screen downward.
  5. Once the list of updates populated, search for Pandora app and tap Update next to the app’s name. Your phone will then install Pandora’s latest version.
  6. Otherwise, tap Update All to install all pending apps updates simultaneously.

Don’t forget to restart (soft reset) your iPhone XR after installing all the pending apps updates to make sure that the updates will be implemented successfully. Then launch Pandora to check if the problem has been fixed. Otherwise, move on to the next solution.

Fourth solution: Reset network settings.

After the iOS update, your phone’s settings like the network settings could have been changed due to automatic system override. The update itself has the tendency to automatically alter configured network settings and this might have triggered the issue to arise. If Pandora keeps closing even after installing its latest version, then its possible that network settings had been compromised. Being said, you need to restore network settings to default to eliminate erratic values and options that prompted the app to frequently crash or keeps closing. Here is how:

  1. Go to Settings from Home.
  2. Select General.
  3. Scroll to and select Reset.
  4. Then tap Reset network settings from the given options.
  5. If prompted, enter your device passcode to continue.
  6. Then select the option to confirm network settings reset.

Your phone will reboot by itself once the reset is done then restores the default network settings configuration. Being said, you need to set up your Wi-Fi network again and then reconnect. Once your phone is already connected and shows stable internet connection, open the app again and check if you’re able to access the app without any issues. If Pandora continues to fail, give the next solution a shot.

Fifth solution: Reset all settings to fix Pandora keeps crashing issue after iOS 13.3 on iPhone XR.

If the network configuration has been restored to default and the app crashing problem still persists, there might be other values or options on your settings that had been altered during the iOS update. Since it’s hard to determine which option to re-configure, deleting your phone’s current settings and restoring it to default might be of help. To do so, follow these steps:

  1. Launch the Settings app from Home.
  2. Select General.
  3. Scroll to and tap Reset.
  4. Select Reset all settings option.
  5. Enter your device passcode when asked, and then continue.
  6. Then select the option to confirm all settings reset.

Once your phone reboots by itself, this means that the reset has been completed. Wait until your phone has completely boot up. By then, you can start configuring your phone’s settings again according to your preferences. Then enable Wi-Fi and connect to your network. Once your phone has acquired stable internet connection, launch Pandora and check if it no longer fails to launch.

Last option: Delete Pandora app and then re-install.

If the app itself refuses to be fixed after multiple attempts, the last option you have is to remove it from your phone’s system and then re-install. In this manner, the suspected corrupted app will have a clean and fresh start. To remove the app means to have it uninstalled. Uninstalling an app can be done through your phone’s settings menu or from the main screen itself. The latter option is the easiest way to do it. Here is how:

  1. Swipe your screen left or right to search for Pandora app.
  2. Touch and hold the Pandora app until the apps previews start to jiggle.
  3. Tap the X icon located on top of Pandora preview.
  4. Then tap Delete to confirm.
  5. Finally, tap Done to exit from the edit mode.

Restart (soft reset) your iPhone XR after uninstalling the app. Then proceed to reinstall the app using these steps:

  1. Launch the App Store.
  2. Key in Pandora app in the search field on the App Store’s main screen.
  3. Select Pandora app and tap the Get button or cloud icon to download and install the app.
  4. Enter your Apple password when necessary, then continue.

Wait for the download and installation of the app to be completed. Then restart your phone to make sure that the recently installed app will be properly implemented. Don’t forget to check Pandora to make sure that the crashing issue has already been fixed.

Seek further assistance

Still having crashing issue with Pandora app? Server maintenance can also be the underlying cause. If Pandora fails to work as intended after exhausting all the potential solutions we have mapped out above, escalate the issue to Pandora Support for further assistance and recommendations. Or else, you can also contact Apple Support as the problem becomes visible after the new system implementation. All necessary information should be relayed properly to ensure that you will receive proper resolution from the experts.


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