How to Fix Google Play Error Processing Purchase on Galaxy A73 5g

This post highlights a few potential solutions to the Play Store Error DF-BPA-09 on a Samsung Galaxy smartphone. Read on to find out what to do when faced with the Google Play Error Processing Purchase on Galaxy A73 5g.

Google Play Store error DF-BPA-09

A lot of error codes and messages can be encountered when problems occur while attempting to download and install apps on the Play Store.

One of these is the Google Play Error Processing Purchase [DF-BPA-09].

This error code usually appears when attempting to download an application on an Android device. As a result, the download gets stuck and unable to finish.

The occurrence of this Play Store error code is found to be attributed to a minor software glitch on the Play Store app or the Android system.

Among the underlying causes include a problematic Google account set up on the device as well as random in-app glitches with the Play Store.

This error also manifests among other post-update Play Store bugs, network connectivity issues and data corruption.

If by any chance you would bump into this same error when attempting to download an app on your Samsung Galaxy A73 5g smartphone, ruling out the common culprits is recommended. You can use any of the outlined solutions below whenever you need additional tweaks when troubleshooting this error code on Google Play Store.

Troubleshooting Google Play Error Processing Purchase on Galaxy A73 5g

Performing the following procedures will help eliminate common factors that might have triggered Google Play Store errors including the Play Store error DF-BPA-09 on a Samsung phone.

Before you begin troubleshooting, verify and ensure that your phone has ample storage space to allocate new downloads and files. Low storage is also one of the common reasons as to why new apps and files won’t download or install. If necessary, delete old and unwanted apps and files from your phone.

Also check if there are any reported service outages affecting Google Play Store and other relevant applications. Random technical difficulties may likewise halt the Google Play services, resulting in Play Store downloads becoming temporarily unavailable.

Don’t forget to retry downloading the app on Play Store after performing each of the given solutions to determine whether or not the problem is fixed. Proceed to the next applicable solution, if needed.

Solution #1: Force stop then restart Play Store and Google Play Services.

The first recommended solution is to terminate the Play Store app and the Google Play services.

This is usually needed if any of these apps got stuck and became unresponsive during the last run. To force stop apps on the Galaxy A73, just follow these steps:

  • First, launch the apps switcher mode by tapping the Recent icon from the Home screen and then swipe up on the Google Play Store app preview to close it. If multiple apps are left running in the background, tap Close all to end them all

You can also force stop the Play Store app straight from the phone settings. Here’s how it’s done:

  • Tap Settings from the Home or Apps screen to launch the settings app menu.
  • Scroll to find and then tap Apps.
  • On the succeeding menu, find and then tap Google Play Store/Play Store. Doing so opens the Play Store app info screen.
  • Tap Storage from the App Info screen to continue and then tap Force Stop at the bottom.
  • Read the warning prompt then tap OK to confirm.

After ending the application, restart (soft reset) the phone and then retry downloading new apps from the Play Store.

Solution #2: Refresh/optimize internet connection.

Play Store downloads may likewise be interfered by random internet connection problems resulting in a very slow or intermittent connection.

To clear this out, refresh your phone’s Wi-Fi or cellular data connection with any of these subsequent tweaks.

A. Refresh your internet connection

If you’re on Wi-Fi, you can eliminate random internet problems that might have hindered Play Store downloads by refreshing the Wi-Fi network. 

  • To do this, simply go to Settings-> Connections menu and then toggle the Wi-Fi switch OFF and ON.
  • If you’re on cellular data, just head over to Settings-> Connections menu then tap Data usage and toggle the Mobile Data switch OFF and On again.

B. Airplane mode trick.

A simultaneous way of refreshing wireless internet connection on your Samsung Galaxy phone is by doing the Airplane mode tweak.

It turns out that random Wi-Fi and cellular connection flaws that result in Play Store download errors are rectified with this trick.

Should you wish to give it a shot, just follow these steps:

  • Open the Settings app.
  • Tap Connections
  • Turn on the Airplane mode switch. Doing so disables all wireless features of the phone including Bluetooth, Wi-Fi and cellular services.
  • After 30 seconds turn the Airplane mode switch OFF again. 

Wait for the phone to re-establish wireless connections. Once it gets back online, retry launching the Play Store and see if it’s already able to download apps without bumping into any error codes or messages.

Forgetting and re-adding of the Wi-Fi network may likewise be the key to resolving the issue if the problem is attributed to a corrupted Wi-Fi network. This however is only applicable if you’re connected to the internet via Wi-Fi setup.

Solution #3: Clear cache and data for Play Store and Google Play Services.

Just like other apps, the Play Store app also stores temporary files in its cache directory. These files will be used to speed up reloading of the same information the next time you pull them up.

However, any of these cached files may likewise cause conflicts when they become corrupted. That said, regular clearing of cache and data from the Play Store and Google Play services is also a potential solution.

If you haven’t done this yet, then try it now with these steps:

  • Tap Settings from the Home or Apps screen to launch the settings app menu.
  • Scroll to find and then tap Apps.
  • On the succeeding menu, find and then tap Google Play Store/Play Store. Doing so opens the Play Store app’s info screen.
  • Tap Storage from the App Info screen to continue and then tap Clear Cache to remove all temporary cache stored for the Play Store app.
  • To clear the Play Store app data, tap Clear data then tap OK on the pop-up menu to confirm.

Clearing the app’s data will permanently delete all of the app’s data including files, settings, accounts and databases.

  • To clear data for Google Play services, just search for and then tap Google Play services from the list of apps. While on the app info screen, tap Clear cache to delete all temporary files stored in the Play Store services cache directory. 
  • To clear its data, tap Manage storage on the App info screen and then tap Clear all data on the succeeding menu. Read the warning prompt then tap OK to confirm.

Again, clearing the Google Play services data will likewise delete all saved files, settings, accounts and databases for the app permanently.

Any errant residual data that might have caused conflicts with your recent Play Store purchases will likewise be obliterated and thereby gets things back to working properly again.

Solution #4: Review and manage system permission for Play Store and Google Play Services.

Another possible reason as to why you’re getting the Processing Purchase error on Play store is because the app doesn’t have permission to make system changes.

That said, verify and ensure that system permission is granted to both the Play Store app and Google Play Services.

  • To check on this, head over to Settings-> Apps-> Google Play Services menu and then tap Change system settings. On the succeeding menu, make sure that the Allow permission switch is on. Doing so allows this app to change system settings.

Follow the same steps to manage permissions for the Google Play Store application.

Solution #5: Reset all settings.

Performing resets, is usually deemed among the last options when resolving software-related errors that could not be rectified by any of the prior tweaks. Every Android phone has different reset options that are designed whenever the need for restoring defaults arises.

In this case, restoring system defaults without deleting any user data from the phone’s storage is recommended. To do this, you will need to execute the inbuilt reset all settings command.

Should you wish to give it a try, just follow these steps:

  • Open the Settings app then tap General management.
  • Tap Reset and select Reset all settings from the given options.
  • Read the reset details and then tap Reset settings to proceed.
  • If prompted, enter your current pattern, PIN or password then tap Reset to confirm action.

All recent custom settings including personalized network options, default apps and preferences, permissions and other custom settings will be deleted and then original options are restored.

After the reset, your phone reboots on its own and then restores the default options and values. This denotes the need for you to re-enable necessary features that are disabled by default so you can use them again on your device.

Unlike a factory reset, resetting all settings does not affect any user information from the internal storage and therefore does not delete any saved files and downloads.

That said, all your saved files and downloaded apps will remain as is.

Still getting the same Play Store error?

Leave beta programs (if applicable). If you’ve previously subscribed to a Play Store beta program, there’s a chance that conflicts have occurred following a new stable update released. To clear this out, leaving beta programs is recommended. 

To manage this information, you will need to access the Account and device preferences menu on your Play Store account’s settings and then tap the option to Leave all beta programs. Doing so will remove your Google account from all beta programs you’ve previously joined.

Remove your Google account then add it back. Other Play Store errors can also be addressed by logging out and back into your Google account. Should you wish to give it a shot, you can remove your Google account from your Samsung device and add it back and set it up as new.

Seek More Help

For further assistance and more advanced solutions, you can call the Google customer support (Googleplex service) by phone or visit the Google support page.

Hope this helps!

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