How to Factory Reset Galaxy S20

You only need to Factory Reset Galaxy S20 if you have some software-related problems and that the phone is still working. It means that you should be able to access Settings for you to be able to perform this procedure.

Since it will bring your phone back to its default settings and configuration, all your personal files, data and apps will be deleted. If possible, take time to create a copy of things you don’t want to lose during the reset.

When you’re ready, follow the instructions below to Factory Reset Galaxy S20. 

NOTE: When doing the factory reset, you don’t need to remove your Google and Samsung accounts.

Assuming that you’ve already created backups for your important files and data, then you’re ready to proceed with the reset.

  1. Find and tap Settings.

    Depending on how you've set up your phone, the Settings app can often be found when you pull the App Drawer up.
    factory reset galaxy s20 tap settings

  2. Find General management and tap on it.

    Most of the time, you will have to scroll all the way down to find it.
    factory reset galaxy s20 general management

  3. Tap Reset.

    This will show you options on how to reset your device.
    factory reset galaxy s20 tap reset

  4. Tap Factory data reset.

    As mentioned earlier, this will delete all your personal files and data. So make sure to create a backup before you proceed.
    factory reset galaxy s20 tap factory data reset

  5. Scroll down and tap the Reset button.

    If you may, read the information on the screen before you reset the button below. Then, enter your security lock.
    factory reset galaxy s20 tap reset button

  6. Tap Delete all and enter your Password.

    Most of the time, you will be asked for your password but if you’ve set up biometrics, you will be asked to use your Fingerprint or Face to verify that it’s you.
    factory reset galaxy s20 delete all password

Your phone will continue with the Factory Reset. All you have to do is wait until it’s finished.

Once the reset is done, you will be prompted to set up your Galaxy S20 again. Since you performed the Factory Reset, you’re free to use a different Google ID.

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