How To Enable Low Data Mode For Wi-Fi & Cellular Data On iPhone SE 3

By enabling the Low Data Mode for Wi-Fi or Cellular Data on your iPhone SE 3 will change some settings so that your device won’t use much data while you’re browsing the web. Such a feature can be helpful if you’re connected to a slow or unstable Wi-Fi network or are in a limited cellular data plan. 

Time Needed : 3 minutes

The Low Data Mode feature can be turned on easily on iPhone SE 3 and you can easily follow the steps. Here’s how it’s done: 

  1. Go back to the Home screen and tap Settings.

    iphone se 3 low data mode 1
    This will open the Settings app that allows you to change some features in your iPhone. 

  2. Tap Wi-Fi.

    iphone se 3 low data mode 2
    This will bring you to its settings page. 

  3. Touch the information icon next to the network your iPhone is connected to.

    iphone se 3 low data mode 3
    It’s the lowercase “i” inside a circle.

  4. Now tap the switch next to Low Data Mode.

    iphone se 3 low data mode 4
    This will immediately have an impact on your iPhone’s Wi-Fi data usage. You might also notice that loading some websites might take a little longer but that’s just a part of this. 
    On the other hand, if you’re on cellular data, there’s another setting you want to change.

  5. So go back to the main settings screen, and then tap on Cellular.

    iphone se 3 low data mode 5
    This will bring you to the Cellular settings page. 

  6. Touch Cellular Data Options.

    iphone se 3 low data mode 6
    This will show you the settings you can change.

  7. Select Data Mode.

    iphone se 3 low data mode 7
    You will then be shown with three options you can choose from. 

  8. Tap Low Data Mode to put a check on it.

    iphone se 3 low data mode 8
    The default setting for this menu is Standard. 

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This can be very useful to reduce data usage, especially if you’re on a limited plan. 

Once you’ve done those things, your iPhone SE 3 will remain on Low Data Mode until you disable them back. 

And that’s pretty much it!

We hope this guide can help you one way or the other.

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