Easy steps to force shutdown iPhone X

There are two different ways on how to give your iPhone X a quick restart. It can be done by either performing a soft reset or a force shutdown (force restart). When your screen display doesn’t notice your taps or touches and swipe commands aren’t registering, a phone restart can’t be executed in a form of soft reset. But instead, you restart your iPhone using the latter option— which is the force shutdown. In this post, we will guide you on how to force restart or hard reboot an iPhone X. We have also mapped out the occurrences to when this force restart should be utilized by the end-users. Read further and be guided accordingly.

If you have just upgraded from the earlier iPhone versions with Home button, the old force shutdown routine that you are used to will no longer work. As you can remember, you force shutdown the older iPhones by simply pressing and holding both Home and Side button for at least 10 seconds. Then you release these buttons when the Apple logo appears on your iPhone screen. And again, these steps are no longer applicable on your iPhone X. Apple changed the way you make an emergency calls on your latest iOS device or the way you forcibly shut it down on this latest iPhones with no Home button. And it is really worth it to take time and read this article for future reference.

But before we unveil these iPhone X force shutdown easy-to-do-steps, let us have a little knowledge to when should we make use of this method and what are its benefits. Read on and be ready to learn.

When to force shutdown iPhone X and what are its benefits?

Typically, turning your iPhone X off and on again is ideal when you suspect that your device has been inflicted with random software glitches and iOS bugs. Thus, the iPhone device starts to misbehave and incur functions failure. Rectifying minor phone issues in which the screen display is still responding to touches can be dealt with by performing a soft reset, wherein all you need to do is to simultaneously press and hold the Side/Power button and either Volume button until the Slide to Power Off command appears. Afterwards, you drag the power off slider to the right for a complete device shutdown. Then press and hold the Side or Power button again until the Apple logo appears. 

However, giving your phone a quick restart by carrying out a force restart is a bit different compared to the first method. Most often, this force shutdown method is being utilized when iPhone screen display becomes unresponsive, lagging, or freezing due to these relevant factors. Therefore, there is no way you can turn off and on your iOS device (iPhone X) using soft reset. Instead, you force restart your iPhone X. When you force restart your iPhone X, it will eliminate cache files saved on your phone’s internal memory causing its screen display to freeze, lag, or becomes unresponsive. It will also forcibly close running background apps or those apps that are left on stand-by mode, occupying your phone’s resources. Thereof, causing the phone’s entire system to misbehave or act up. 

Forcing your phone to restart will require you to use three important keys on your device. These are the Volume Up, Volume Down, and Sleep/Wake (Power or Side) buttons. These buttons are also at the helm to enable Emergency Calls (SOS) and enter Recovery Mode. Unlike earlier iPhones, Home button has been eliminated and these keys are the latest gestures that to accomplish various tasks like forcing iPhone to restart.

Force Restarting iPhone X:

In order to refresh your phone’s internal memory and its own system, you force restart or force shut down your iPhone X using these three quick and simple steps:

Step #1: Press and then quickly release the Volume Up button.

Step #2: Next, press and then quickly release the Volume Down button.

Step #3: Finally, press and hold the Sleep/Wake (Power or Side) button and release it when the Apple logo appears on your iPhone screen. 

These set of steps will definitely provide you a positive outcome when it comes with dealing with minor software glitches affecting your phone’s system. This method offers the same result as with soft reset. It will also help clean up your phone’s internal memory by dumping out saved cache files. Thus, refreshing your phone’s operating system. Unlike the soft reset method, force reboot plainly uses the phone’s hard keys to turn off and on iPhone X. Hence, both methods do not result in a complete data loss so creating a back-up for the saved files is not yet necessary. 


Force shutdown (hard reboot or force restart) is a perfect method to utilize when your iPhone X is currently experiencing screen display issues like delayed touch screen response, black screen of death, screen keeps lagging and/or freezing, iPhone X not responding, stuck in headphone mode and/or recovery mode, stuck on blank screen, and other screen display issues. Its main task is to eliminate minor software glitches and dump out cache files from your phone’s internal memory and therefore; refreshing your iPhone X operating system. The three (3) important keys that you should always remember are the Volume Up, Volume Down, and the Sleep or Wake (Side or Power) button. So in case you will encounter any of these screen display issues, there is no need for you to panic as we already gave you the steps on to forcibly refresh your phone’s system. You can always visit our page and refer to this tutorial guide whenever necessary.