Dealing with apps crashing issues on iPhone XR after iOS 13.2.3 update

Having apps crashing issues on your iPhone XR after iOS 13.2.3 update? Read this post to understand why these apps misbehaved after new system implementation and how we can address these apps issues.

The impact of technology in our lives is truly bewildering. It makes our lives easier by giving us access to almost everything. The apps that we usually acquire through our desktops or personal computer can now be accessed on smartphones like iOS devices. However, the convenience of advanced technology brought us can sometimes be outweighed once these apps start to act up. And it is so evident that these in-apps are vulnerable to glitches. 

When iOS 13.2.3 was released last month, a lot of users tried their luck to fix phone errors they acquired from the previous iOS versions by installing the latest iOS 13.2.3 update on their phones. This update actually provides bug fixes for system search issues for Mail, Files, and Notes. Fixes for apps that are unable to download contents in the background are also included. But instead of clearing out these existing issues, they instead incur additional post-update errors. Some were lucky enough to have their iOS problems resolved, but majority complained about having crashing apps issues after iOS update. Mapped out below are some of the apps issues end-users reported. Let us see what these apps are and how we can possibly fix the issues in our end.

Apps crashing issues after iOS 13.2.3 update on iPhone XR and the common triggers

The moment you updated your phone operating system to the latest version available, your in-apps can be compromised due to various reasons. Firstly, when these apps were not properly closed and stayed in the background for quite too long upon installing the new iOS update, these apps will go rogue and eventually become corrupted. In fact, even if you are not doing major software updates, these apps are ought to be corrupted if remain in a standby mode. When these happen, symptoms like crashing will emerge. Secondly, if the apps are running on their out-dated version and the new system has already been implemented, these apps will not work as intended for their systems are no longer compatibility with your phone’s recent platform. Hence, crashing problem occurs. Lastly, random iOS bugs can also trigger the apps crashing issues to become visible. Fortunately, these errors can be addressed using some workarounds that you can utilize in your end. As long as the underlying causes of the crashing issues are the ones listed above, then there is no need for you to worry about as these issues are still rectifiable.

Commonly reported apps crashing issues after iOS 13.2.3 on iPhone XR

Listed below are the apps that were reported crashing after installing the new system update. Check the list and see if the app that you are having issue with is in the list. If so, click the app’s link and be routed to its respective troubleshooting guide article. 

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If the crashing problem still persists after performing the potential solutions we have provided, you can escalate the crashing issue to the app’s support for further assistance. You can also contact Apple Support since the issue started after installing the iOS update. If the crashing problem is caused by iOS bugs, it is fair enough to have them note about the issue and hopefully a fix patch for the issue will be included on their next beta rolling.